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Defence of the Realm Act Essay Sample

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Introduction of TOPIC

The defence of the realm act went to great lengths to cover up what life was really like in the trenches during the war there were many posters and other forms of propaganda brought out to help the government with their campaign to get people to join up for the war the posters were used to paint a heroic not so dangerous trench life for people who were going to sign up. and in source A we see how a government played on the feeling of how a father wants to set an example for his children by showing his bravery by joining up for the war it does this by a father sat their deep in thought with one child on the floor playing with soldiers and on one on his lap looking expectantly at him this is all accompanied with the slogan “Daddy what did you do in the Great War.”

Another type like that one would be source C which plays on the pride of men who want to serve king and queen and show their loyalty to their country it also uses a trick of making it look as if the general is looking straight at you and pointing you out of the crowd this is also accompanied by the word “YOU” in big letters and stands out just under the general.

Propaganda was not ju

st used in posters it was also used in newspaper storys this was so as that the defence of the realm

act did not want the true picture of the war to be shown and it wanted to keep peoples spirits so it would feature such photographs as the one used in source b of army recruiting office this photo could have been used to how many people were joining up for the war and show how loyal British people are to king and country and if the reader hadn’t joined up yet then they would be missing out.

Also advertisements were used not only to sell products but to sell the war as in one example sours D shows the calm and relaxed side of war the “time for one more” side of war it shows in the advert a soldier blatantly sticking his head way above the safety of the trench and him scanning the land with a sort of half smile on his face. it also seems to be a sunny day which in real trench life it was raining and he would of got shot in real life.

Also the news papers used to also hide the truth of what the trenches was really like through poems on would be the poem in source I which talks about men dribbling footballs right into enemy lines but it emphasises every little bit about it and glorifies it extremely but the poem is highly unlightly as the men would have been shot as soon as they came out of the trench.

The government did play a big part in the propaganda conspiracy by issuing a certain type of postcard to soldiers this postcard instead of being written totally on only had words on that you could put a line through like the post card would say i am quite well or i have been admitted to hospital if u were put into hospital you would put a line through the i am quite well sentence. if anything else other that what was instructed was put on the postcard it would have been destroyed.

The reason the defence of the relm act did all this was because they didnt want people to find out what life in the trenches was really like as the countrys moral would drop and people would stop joining up for the army.

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