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Defending the Terror Essay Sample

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Defending the Terror Essay Sample

Terror can be defined as a period in which states used violence to cause extreme fear to other states. Normally, violence is associated with various negative impacts. For instance, it causes mass destruction of properties, killing of large number of people and it can cause displacement of people from their respective residents. In fact, violence is perceived as the main cause of death among the involved countries. The government or state may opt to use violence to fight for their freedom. In order to understand whether terror is necessary, it is crucial to comprehend all factors that cause states to opt to use violence as a means of gaining freedom. On the other hand, it is vital to understand the consequences of violence that is used by states to defend their freedom. Studies argue that government is the greatest basis of organized crime such as violence. With this regard, it is essential to understand why they tends to be the greatest source of violence.

States tend to have armies that are accountable of using violence in order to scare their opponents. They also tend to use violence to control the home population. Thus, it is crucial to know whether it is justly to use violence to cause fear to their enemies. During the French Revolution, violence was the commonly used method among many states as it crushed enemies of the revolution. This period was referred as terror as the involved states used violence to cause fear to states that were known as enemies of revolution. This essay aims at addressing whether it was right for the involved states to be terrible in order to prevent the enemies of revolution.

In revolutionary times is this kind of violence justified

It is believed that during the onset of French Revolutionary, the states turned in great number to use violent in order to scare their enemies who were against revolution (Linton, 2006). This period occurred during 1789 to 1799, when Jacobins conquered the entire government. During the revolutionary period, terror was the only known mean that could be used by states to defend themselves from their main opponents. As stated above, terror is associated with various negative outcomes; however, it can be used to regain freedom for the involved states. For instance, terror is said to be the main cause of death among the involved countries as it harms mostly the vulnerable groups and other people who seems to be helpless (Smulewicz-Zucker, 2013). Most of studies refer terror as the utilization of mass force by states that were defending revolution from their enemies who were referred as counter-revolution (Edelstein, 2012).

During this time, government used various forms of violence to scare all enemies of the entire revolution. Additionally, the major aim of Jacobins, which were the states that inflicted violence to their enemies, used it mostly to conquer the war and the entire civil war. In relation to this, they used terror to establish the rebellion ideologically throughout the France (Edelstein, 2012). With this perspective, it can be seen that these two main aims were the drive for their use of violence to win the enemies of revolution. Additionally, they wanted to put revolutionary ideologically in the entire minds of the France people and thus, they opted to use violence in order to cause fear.

With this regard, it can be seen that it was justly for these states to inflict violence to their enemies of revolutionary. This is because; use of terror was the only way in which they were to make their weak arm conquer their enemies (Smulewicz-Zucker, 2013). With this regard, I really feel that terror or infliction of violent was necessary and justified to be piece of the French revolution. This is because, it led to their entire success and thus, it is essential for all states to inflict violence to all revolutionary enemies. The fact that French revolution signified liberty and enhanced power of the entire national state, it was crucial for them to inflict violence or terror in order to cause fear to all revolutionaries’ enemies (Edelstein, 2012).

Additionally, the revolution also symbolized a unified state and is perceived as a unique factor that influenced the modern world of even this day (Smulewicz-Zucker, 2013). It also shaped France into a fairly and honored nation that gives everyone equal rights and freedom. With this perception, one can argue that the terror was crucial in this aspect, as it could not have attained these objectives without inflicting violence (Smulewicz-Zucker, 2013).

Along with the above aspect, revolution also played a significant role in promotion of nationalism. For instance, it provoked large number of nationalists to form against Napoleon who occupied part of Europe. Thus, use of terror helped to influence large number of people who believed that the entire nation was not attributed by a collection of royal subjects but rather a community of equal citizens with equal rights.

Another reason that shows it was justly or right for the state to be terrible in order to prevent the people from being enemies of revolution is that it permitted the revolutionary government to evade the entire military overwhelm or defeat (Smulewicz-Zucker, 2013). For instance, the Republican army that was against all enemies of revolution was in a position to conquer all the Austrians, British, Spanish and the overall Prussians (Smulewicz-Zucker, 2013). Thus, they succeeded and defeated the revolts by 1793.

Even though infliction of terror was perceived as atrocious and barbaric large number of Europeans soon came to understand that it was much beneficial than a bloody calamity (Smulewicz-Zucker, 2013). For instance, large numbers of Europeans were impressed for all what was accomplished by the entire Revolution than what it was unable to fulfill. For example, they were unable to accomplish the elimination of slavery and judicial torment.

Another factor that can defend the fact that French revolution was right to use violent to cause fear to their opponents is the notion that it abolished diverse ruling classes, which include kings, empowers and queens in the whole nation. In fact, they started parliament and chanced a way to the new government, which could not take place without the use of terror. Although, there was large mass suffering, the revolutionary could not have taken place without infliction of violence. According to (Mohanty, 2006), terror was necessary during the revolution period, as it acted as one way of scaring the enemies of revolution. However, it seemed unfair to large number of people as most of them were injured and others suffered a lot during this period but at the end of the period, many of the people claimed that it was helpful as power remained on their hands. With this perspective, it is right to assert that use of violence was essential during the Revolutionary period.

The French government aimed at stopping its citizens from being terrible by being terrible themselves (Mohanty, 2006). For example through the violence, the number of people who died was much smaller as compared to those who would have died if this did not take place. Some of the lawyers such as Robespierre held so much to the law in the name of preventing the violent ones from taking the law into their own hands. In the first place, he thought that revolution would bring the worst to the nation but once they gave it room to take place; all that it brought was good. People were tamed and those who thought that it was their time to take advantage of the citizens through misusing the country’s resources, were put behind bars to allow for revolution to take place. It was clear that the reason as to why many French citizens were suffering was the non-revolutionized government, which did not cater for the needs of all of them. The law thus found it justified to use violence in order to enable the country move ahead in its activities and taking care of everyone’s concern. It was the only way through which, there would be a peaceful state, where everyone enjoyed equality and felt that they belonged to the state.

Through the use of violence, the nation was then able to enjoy stability not only of peace but also economically. Everything came to a standstill, and new things started emerging for example industries and businesses that up to date are running. This was one way of boosting the economy of the state and increasing the income, which later led to improved living standards of the citizens through the process of wealth redistribution by the government. This was boosted further by taking administration close to the citizens and therefore they were able to air their problems to the people who were concerned.

After such communications, changes would be made to meet the expectations of the citizens, which was not the case in the previous government system. The violence was an achievement by the citizens as a leeway to better life and nation. The government was also able to recover the powers that had been given to the church and the wealth that the church was taking from the citizens (Rubin & Rubin, 2008). This was part of what led to the development of the nation, against all the odds that it had undergone during the time of revolution and violence (Rubin & Rubin, 2008). Creation of a new life for all the citizens in the state was one joyful moment for all of them. It led to a new culture of living for everyone in the state. A new political culture was developed through the efforts of those who were for revolution.

Economically, the tax system was changed and worked for the best so that a convenient and reliable tax was adjusted to cater for the needs of the citizens in the whole nation. This revenue was what boosted the well-being of the nation through undertaking of some of the major projects that led to the growth of the nation most forgotten areas.

The fiscal policy also changed so that the economic status of the nation became admirable to the enemies. The fiscal policy involved, spending policies of the government and the methods of reducing the expenditure and reduce the rates of unemployment in the nation (Rubin & Rubin, 2008). Stabilization of business cycles was also one of the major improvements in this sector so that businesses stabilized making sure that the industry gave well output (Linton, 2006). The economic status of the nation rose to a level that opened the eyes of the nation making the income of the nation to shoot up.

According to (Linton, 2006), use of violence was the most prominent strategy that the states could use to attain and retain their entire power during the revolutionary period. This is because it caused fear to large number of revolutionary enemies that believed that they are the only one who should have power. The deliberate use of fear made their opponents states to put the issue of revolution into their mind. In addition, the use of violence against other states played an essential role as it was perceived as a way of marshaling one’s own followers. This in advance helped the involved countries to attain their utopian objectives. According to (Rubin & Rubin, 2008), the major action that helped the revolutionaries to regain their power may include the storming of Bastille that was used as the most prominent symbol of revolution. This violent action caused large number of opponents to agree with all ways of Revolutionaries. With this perspective, it can be seen that it was really crucial for states to use violent as a way of their defense during the Revolutionary period.

Before the French Revolution, large numbers of people were suffering, as they were to pay higher taxes, they lived in poverty, as most of them were jobless; however, revolution ensured that the above problems were solved. This entails that infliction of violence against all enemies of revolution was right as it helped to raise the standards of living of large number of people in France. Although it was associated with much suffering, those people who survived claimed that it was of great benefits as it builds their present and future life.

One major objectives of use of terror was to scare all people who were considered as enemies of revolution. This is due to the fact that they were denying people their rights and freedom and thus, there was need to change the who government in order to take care of citizens’ problems accordingly. It aimed to stop all counter-revolutions from gaining the entire grounds and rule France in a wrong way. People might criticize use of Terror as it caused much killing and displacement of people; however, it was essential as it helped to remedy all problems that used to confront the entire citizens who were under poor government management. According to (Rubin & Rubin, 2008), use of Terror ensured that a conservative government was implemented which will be in a position to address various problems confronting the whole nation. With this regard, it can be seen that use of violence to cause fear to all people who were against the new government was crucial as it helped to resolve all problems that citizens faced under the older government that included kings, queens and other elected people who ruled the nation in an injustice manner.

According to (Mohanty, 2006), the entire members of Revolution had earlier tried to resolve various issues that confronted their citizens in a peaceful manner but they ended up failing. For instance, they tried to remove old government in a peaceful manner but they were not in a position. Thus, they decided to consume strict measures that will be in a position to scare all enemies of revolution. With this perspective, it can be seen that infliction of violence to all people that were against the revolutionaries was necessary as it made all these changes to happen.

This entails without use of terror, the new government would not have won the battle. Additionally, they would not have helped people to raise their standards of living and therefore, it was right to make use of violence to scare people. In relation to this, the use of violence played a greater role as it helped the nation to enjoy stability not only of peace but also economically. For instance, everything came to languish, and new things started emerging such as industries and businesses that up to date are running in an effective manner. This in advance played a significant role as it helped to improve the market capture that also assisted in increasing the total income and thus, improving the standards of living of all citizens who were perceived to have a diminished state of living. From this point of view, it can be seen that it was crucial to inflict violent actions as it helped the enemies of revolution to respond to the new government.


From the above point of view, it can be seen that it was right to inflict strict measures such as use of terror during the French Revolution. This is because it played a significant role in causing fear to all people who were against the revolution. These people were prominently known as enemies of revolution as they denied people their rights and freedom. In addition, it helped to increase income as by utilization of violent actions, the nation was able to enjoy permanence not only of peace and of equality but also they benefited from it economically. All things that kept on troubling the entire nation came to a standstill, and new things started to reform, for instance, there was growth of industries and businesses that up to date are running in an effective manner. This played a big role in the entire lives of citizens as it caused drastic increase of standard of living. This is because, some of them were employed in the new formed industries and thus, they could afford funds to feed their entire families who remained after the revolution.

It also caused many things to change and thus, it was justly for these states to inflict violence to the enemies of revolutionary. This is because; use of terror was the only way in which they were to make their weak arm conquer their enemies. As stated above, the states had earlier tried to do the whole thing in a peaceful manner but it failed, thus, use of terror was necessary as it caused these people to respond quickly and thus, change the entire government. To sum up, one can argue that infliction of violence to scare people was necessary as it helped all the above things to take place.


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