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Define the main methods of non-verbal communication Essay Sample

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Define the main methods of non-verbal communication Essay Sample

Nonverbal communication is usually understood as the process of communication through sending and receiving wordless (mostly visual) between people. Messages can be communicated through gestures and touch, by body language or posture, by facial expression and eye contact. The first thing that I notice was that Alex could not give eye contact after Maria started to ask him questions. When a person is not telling the truth or trying to avoid the truth they tend to not make eye contact with the person that they are talking to. Alex was most likely thinking of a lie and nervous all at the same time. In a situation like this one when Alex refused to make eye contact he was saying I don’t have to tell you anything and I really am not comfortable with this situation. It can also mean that Alex has no respect for any authority figure and never has the intension to cooperate at any level.

Communicating weather verbal or none verbal is a part of our everyday life. Today there are so many ways that we can communicate to each other. Will different ways of communicating help us or hurt us? I think it depends on how the communication is delivered and only then will it be determined how one would receive it. Communication across the world is so very different. Also in this scenario of Maria and Alex, since he missed his appointment previously and she has the power to get him into a lot of trouble, he is obviously nervous and does not want to explain why he was not there at the appointed time. In other circumstances, avoiding eye contact might indicate shyness or embarrassment to. Maria is too lenient as she did not issue a bench warrant last month. Joking aside – it can mean many things that cannot be determined from any writing. He may have issues with confrontation or be autistic. He may have violated by accident he may have been in the slammer on another charge. The only thing it really means is that he is a bit nervous and wants to be anywhere but where he is. He acts like he has something to hide and is trying to think of a good story to tell the Parole Officer which would put him in a Good light.

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