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The basic warning in Huxley’s Brave New World is that twentieth-century civilization is moving toward the complete dehumanization of mankind. There are three main dehumanizing forces in the twenty-first century world today which might take human beings to a society like that of A.F 632. First of all, the easy sex concept is leading humans to the Brave New World. During the time of A.F 632, people in the Brave New World think that sex is very common in their society. When the Director tells the children that erotic play between children had been regarded as abnormal and immoral and had therefore been rigorously suppressed before the time of Our Ford, the children find that it’s incredible. In today’s world, more and more teenagers are having sex when they are younger and younger.

In the Brave New World, people are taught that everyone belongs to everyone else, men and women can have sex with different people everywhere, every moment. Nowadays, many people think that sex is so common that they have one night stand relationships with others. because of this concept, many women get pregnant before marriage without knowing who the baby’s father is. There are many Feelies, sex movies and sex games in the Brave New World. In today’s society, sex is included in more movies and computer games, it is becoming very common. There is no family concept in the brave new world.

When the Director is talking about the term “parents”, the boys blushed because they think that the word is a smut. They don’t know what a family is and they don’t even know about the meaning of love. Also, people in brave new world are not born by parents but come from test tube treatments, there is no family in the society and so most people do not understand the word “family”. Although this situation has not happen in today’s world yet, but in nowadays, people are having smaller and smaller families. More and more couples are not willing to have children after their marriage. This situation is leading human beings to a society like that of the Brave New World.

The last dehumanizing force in the twenty-first century world today is the taking of drugs. Nowadays, there are more people who choose to take drugs, such as opioids, hallucinogens and heroin in order to forget their sadness, sorrow, stress and depression. Most teenagers tend to take drugs in order to escape from the reality of their lives whenever they face obstacles, such as the failures of their academic results, disappointments in their love affairs and the stress given by their parents.Same as the people during the time of A.F.632, all people in the Brave New World take soma from the time when they are children. They take soma in order to receive happiness, to relax, and to forget the negative emotion. They have soma holidays whenever they feel depressed. The three dehumanizing forces in the twenty- first century world today mentioned above might take human beings to a society like that of A.F 632. All humans in today’s world should really concern about this and try to stop this situation before it becomes worse.

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