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To promote more the restaurant to the public.
To introduce their unique menu’s.
To attract more customers.

The Restaurante
Dedek’s Restaurant opened last September 08, 2012 and it immediately ranked top 4 in the CALABARZON Region. They have their unique recipes; they serve menus and dishes without any seasonings and additives. This restaurant can accommodate 80 to 100 pax. It is located in Cuenca, Batangas near the Cuenca Market. The owner of this restaurant is also the owner of the Dedek’s Grocery Store in Cuenca. Now, they are building a function hall above the Dedek’s Restaurant for any occasions like for seminar purposes, birthday parties and reception area.

To promote more Dedek’s Restaurant, so we propose a motorcade parade for the coming 1st day of February Year 2013. This parade will take 3 hours. The reason why we propose this project is to introduce the Dedek’s Restaurant, its delicious recipes and menus. With the help of the employees and by the cooperation of the owner and friends with their motorbikes, we will be able to execute this project.

Billboard. To inform the customer about the Dedek’s Restaurant, we recommend to put a billboard in the boundary of Cuenca and Mataas Na Kahoy, in Lipa and Lemery.

We will establish this billboard on the last day of January Year 2013 and will be displayed for 3 months. The budget for this billboard will come from the company.
During the motorcade parade, we will also give flyers for the customer’s information. The budget for this will also come from the company.

For this project, Mr. Azores, Mr. De Leon and Mr. Perez will join the motorcade parade using their own motorbikes. While, Ms. Villapando, Ms. Maristela and Ms. Castro were responsible in giving flyers during the motorcade parade for 3 hours.

We recommend the manager to gather a meeting for the employees to talk about the upcoming motorcade parade and the giving of flyers. The key message of this activity is to promote the unique recipes, menus and the different ambiance of the restaurant. For the motorcade parade and flyers, we focus to attract the Cuencaneos and tourists.




Personnel Availability
Some employees are not available and don’t want to participate in the activity so we are lacking in participants.

Personnel SkillsSome of the members of our group were not able to come in our meetings so they can’t give their opinions and suggestions to add in this project.

ScheduleWe were lack in time to have nice schedules, because we have different time availabilities. Sometimes, we only meet completely during the CORPCOM hours.

Other members of the group only have enough budgets, so they can’t afford to come during the team interview.

Change Control
Our group doesn’t have enough budget for the plan.

CommunicationThe group can’t understand the tasks well, because of the changing plans. We had a little bit problems in communication, because of the different reactions on one’s suggestion.

Some of our group mates are not attentive and cooperative.

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