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If we take a look at the control charts for both the processes, you will notice that both processes do not have any control over the amount of defects will be produced. Both the charts have many defect numbers which are placed on either side of the control limits. It can also be noticed that the defects out of the new material process seem to become greater with every day of production. This clearly shows that the standard material holds up better during the manufacturing process compared to that of the super plastic during production (Reid & Sanders, 2011). The old process shows that the process is in control because the sample data falls within the normal variation range. The super plastic is not in control because the cause for the variation can not be identified. Those causes can not be eliminated until the cause of the variation is known.

Control charts is a toll used to decide if a business or manufacturing process is in statistical quality control consist of three areas. Descriptive statistics which describes the quality characteristics; statistical process control consists of random sampling of the product; acceptance sampling is the process of randomly inspecting a sample of goods and deciding if the entire lot should be accepted. Control Charts are beneficial because it will show the probability of a point falling above the upper limits or falling below the limits. If the data falls outside of the control limits then we can assume that the process is out of control which will flag and prompt reasonable cause to look into what has caused the defect to occur…

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