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Demand Analysis of Kid’s Wear Market Essay Sample

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Introduction of TOPIC

Abstract Kid’s wear is getting its importance and scope in today’s market. Dynamics of children’s wear are changing with manufactures& retailers burgeoning private brands. Considerable amount of studies of have been done on kids wear market. Recent studies shows that markets for children’s wear were increased from time to time. This report focuses on the Coimbatore, Tirupur and Erode Kids wear market, its structure, size, growth rate & market trends. It provides a comprehensive analysis of the characteristics, and growth drivers of the children’s apparel segment .It further discusses about the competitors critical success factors. It also gives a rejection of the future of this segment. The report is useful for manufactures and retailers in the apparel industry. Introduction The competitors for kid’s wear market have been increased for the past decades. This article aims to analyse the market for kids’ apparel that is taking place in the stores throughout the year.

Children’s apparel includes clothing for kids between 1 and 14 years of age. In India kid’s apparel is one of the fastest growing markets which constitute 10% per annum. It was found that people prefer buying functional kids’ apparel rather than branded ones. Objectives • To analyse the demand of kids wear market in Coimbatore, Tirupur, and Erode. • Find out the sales turnover period of one year. • Find out the aspects to accept the new brand. • Find out the competitors in the market. • Introduce a specialised kids store in anyone of this place (Coimbatore, Tirupur, and Erode). Scope • In this innov

ative report, it presents global and Indian kids garment market overview. • An assessment unbiased

and frank of growth expectations. • An assessment of market size and growth drivers in kids wears market along with industry trends and market segmentations. • The report profiles major market players in kids wear industry.


Most importantly it presents the relative comparison of cities in kids segment along with a future outlook for the sector.

Rationale of the Study This work has been undertaken to study the Kid’s wear market in Tamil Nadu (Coimbatore, Erode and Tirupur). In-depth information has been gathered regarding its size, current scenario, prevalent practices and potential with special reference to Kid‘s wear segment. Efforts have also been made to collect first hand data from the leading Kid’s wear Distributors’, Retailers’ and end-users’ studied to gather information about their preferences. Regional Analysis for Kid’s Wear Market Strengths: A market with large hidden strength. Industry with never declining demand. Product has unsubstitutable demand. Percentage Analysis Results of the Stores in Erode Area Store Type Valid Frequency Percent MBO 2 8.0 Ordinary Retail Outlet 23 92.0 Total 25 100.0 Inference: From this above table it is inferred that 8% of stores are placed as Multi-Branded Outlets. Thus the Ordinary Retail Outlets stores are placed about 92% which is more than the other two store types. Thus Ordinary Retail Outlets are more in Erode. Valid yes Prime Location Frequency 25 Percent 100.0

Inference: From this above table it is inferred that all the stores are established in prime location like Jawahar Bazar, Kovai Road, etc., in and around Erode. Valid below 1000 Sq.ft 1000-1500 Sq.ft 1500-2500 Sq.ft Total Store Size Frequency 5 18 2 25 Percent 20.0 72.0 8.0 100.0

Inference: From this above table it is inferred that 20% of the stores are established with below 1000 Sq.ft. About 72% of the stores are established with 1000-1500 Sq.ft. Also 8% of stores are established with 1500-2500 Sq.ft. Only 8% of the stores are established with 2500 Sq.ft.


Valid below 2 lakhs 2-4 lakhs 4-7 lakhs above 7 lakhs Total

Amount Invested Frequency 2 16 6 1 25

Percent 8.0 64.0 24.0 4.0 100.0

Inference: From this above table it is inferred that 8% of stores Investment amount is below 2 lakhs. About 64% of the stores invested about 2-4 lakhs. 24% of stores invested about 47 lakhs. Only 4% of stores invested above 7 lakhs. Most of the stores invested below 2 lakhs. Average Price Valid

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