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Dependent and independent variables Essay Sample

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Dependent and independent variables Essay Sample

Independent Variables The independent variables in this study contain the demographic profile of the respondents such as age, sex, civil status, year admitted and year graduated. Another variables include here are motivational factors and the indicators such as Personal Motivation, Self-image and Self-Improvement, for professionalism motivation indicators include Academic Field, Course Content, School Accessibility, and Self-improvement. And lastly is employment under of this is Promotion.

Profile of the Respondents The researcher used age, sex, civil status, year admitted and year graduated as an indicator of the respondents’ profile because they supposed that age sex, civil status, year admitted and year graduated could be a factor that may affect their completion rate. As one of the important in the study is the personal information of the respondents that related in this research. Age According to Webster’s Encyclopedic Dictionary, age pertains to the number of years an individual have.

Furthermore, according to Anthony Lake, executive director of UNICEF, the meaning of age will continue to be a fluid concept and will be constructed through complex and iterative processes for decades. Age relates to the year the respondent has been in presence. The age might be one of the vital factors since there are numerous scientists that show age contrasts among the students with respect to various perspectives which incorporate the level of information, capacities and aptitudes of the students. Galiza (2005) expressed that in instruction, age was vital or pertinent to the people included.

A portion of the people turn out to be slower and less versatile as they become more established yet they endeavor to make up for this lack by enhancing their reliability, security, and nature of work. Rehage (2008) stated that many studies revealed that motor performance tends to decline in old age, learning capabilities remain intact, and older adults are able to achieve considerable performance gains. These only mean that younger learners tend to have better motor performance than those who are older.

According to Galilea (1997) stated that age creates more experiences and these experiences are the best teachers. In like manner, age creates more experience and these experiences serves as greater teachers just like in the quotation “experience is the best teacher”. According Stelmach and Goggin, they concluded that there are few primary mechanisms responsible for the psychomotor decline with advanced age. These only means that as a person get older, their psychomotor performance become slower. They also examine different factors such which include physiological, social, health and behavioral.

Through those researchers, consider that age as one of the important variables since it can measure through their long journey of experience in academic field and performance. This study included age as one of the independent variable that can affect the dependent variable. There is no more that can express the momentum of the respondents on this study, they tend to be more skilled and practiced through their significant needed. Ages can have effect within this study since age can measure individual differences among the respondents.

In every educational attainment the gap of age is doesn’t matter to complete your degree as such you want to claim it. Sex Sex is defined as the entirety characteristic structures and functions of the respondents by which they are classified as male or female. According to Warral and Tsama (1987), teachers are much in favor of girls’ attitude than boys, giving them an encouragement and progress towards academic careers. Wright (1999) determined that girls have more positive attitude towards learning than boys. Sex refers to biological status of a person. It can be male or female.

There were different studies regarding sex or gender differences when it comes to cognitive abilities and skills of the learners. Thus, the sex is one of the most important variables in this study. In this study most of female are highly acquire to this kind of academic field it will be the benefits among students in this research to easily find the way of choosing academic that they really encouragement them to inquire on this field and to continue their experience and get more highly skilled. Sex is the most dominant to lead them to their specific service.

But in this research conducted, it will be male or female are required to complete and fulfill their capacity in such they willing to attain and achieve their goals. Civil Status According to Wikipedia, Civil status is the enrolment of the individual status because of birth or any progressions in individual circumstance, for example, marriage, separation or demise. That will be the requirement to those citizens inquires. It will lead you to Self-image According to Wikipedia, Self-image is a type of physically and mentally changes of human nature that portrays not just subtle elements that are conceivably accessible to target.

Typically self-image or self-respect defined as the ability to believe in yourself. It will help those students especially the graduate students to know their ability to persuade themselves in every circumstances experience in every field of academic. Beane and Lipka, (1980); Calhoun and Morse, (1977); Dickstein, (1977); Rosenberg. (1979. ) “Self-image is seen as the parts of one\’s mental self-portrait that are essentially expressive and nonjudgmental, while confidence is developed as those angles or dispositions that are delegated self-assess.

” Some researchers define that self-image is one of the most significant in every persons to view their characteristics of how they perform their value impacts and motivate them to do their task. (e. g. , Beane & Lipka, 1980; Calhoun & Mourse,1977). For motivations behind this examination, confidence was characterized as \”valuing one\’s own value and importance and having the character to be responsible for oneself and to act mindfully toward others\” (California State Department of Education, 1990. P, 1).

It is pushes you to encourage yourself in every aspects of academic that will be the help of your success. And somehow it will be the great achievement when you have a trust in yourself, because, most graduate students they did not achieve complete their program because of lack of confidence and belief to their self. According to Covington’s (1984) theory of self-worth, the inescapable propensity in our general public is to liken achievement with the human esteem, which makes an observation that people are just as commendable as their accomplishments.

Professionalism Motivation According to Merriam Webster, Professionalism is about a skill or competence that is expected from the professional. Professionalism is everyone’s desired achievement especially those students or graduate students rather. Most of the graduate students are motivated to accomplish their program because of professionalism they might attain after. Graduate students carry out all their assigned roles in order to be professionals (Joyce et al. (1976, p. 6). Professionalism also carries different ethics and qualities of a professional.

Being professional has different roles in the society that you should give your full of attention and focus on that thing. The concept of professionalism is something that you really develop and maintain of your profession that make your own particular word related self-interests. Graduate students may compile that kind of profession in order to encourage them to finish their academic for their own self (Abbott, 1988; Larson, 1977). Is a process of motivation that may accomplish something that they going to give their full of progress in order to be success.

Is a desire of graduate students to have roles of being professional. Academic Field According to Wikipedia, Academic discipline or field is a root of gathering information that to be taught to attain in higher education. Graduate program is one of academic that has higher education that is regularly characterized as a scholastic. It portraits graduate students that they shall have a higher degree when going to continue and complete in terms of academic. It such a good benefits the higher education because it easily to find a job and hire you immediately because of your academic performance that you finish.

Dr. Boyce Watkins, who earned a Ph. D. from The Ohio State University, he defined that academic field is not about what you have and what you choose and will be the end of your learning. Academic it will road you to success, he believes that the students in college he said,” Try and try until you claim your award, as long as you never force yourself to give up”. Graduate students much perceived their goals to finish the academic performance as long as they want to receive the success. (2004, pp.1-2).

Dr. Watkins added, \”… you need to go into the circumstance prepared to act as hard as you can to take care of your issues and achieve your objectives. Never at any point surrender, since surrendering is the best way to ensure that you have NO CHANCE to be effective\” (p. 46). “The mission of Academic Success and Student Retention is give scholastic academic support using a range of facilitate to support students through their journey to have a successful graduation” (2006, Mission Statement).

According to Browne and Keeley (1997). When the students like the graduate students are still stay in school and continuing the academic field the students wish to succeed they must have a vigorous and lively in the role in their learning. Must do the part of being students even you are engaged in several academic field you should focus on what you want to succeed because it will be the benefits to you have a good discipline in every outlook of knowledge.

Course Content School Accessibility

According to Wikipedia, School Accessibility it refers to the “ability to access” and developments of every environment in school that must encourage and motivate to those students want to learn. It should be good and comfortable the school accessibility to the graduate students that he/she might not discourage and will focus in every aspects of learning. Those have comfortable and good facilities in every school the students have enough to access and must improve the knowledge.

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