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Describe at least two strategies for effective time management To ensure effective time management, work spaces should be kept neat and organised, if tidy and methodical then time will not be wasted on searching for resources and information You should also take advantage of delegation. Delegation happens when you give one of your staff members a task to complete which, currently, you undertake. This ensures that managers can get on with more important tasks, it will allow subordinates to develop competence and this will overall improve the effectiveness of the team. Describe at least two strategies for effective task management. Managers should create a Gantt chart, this is used by managers to show comparisons between work planned and work accomplished in relation to time schedules. Important dates and deadlines are marked on this chart and can be adjusted when additional time is needed.

Managers should create an Action Plan. It is when task responsibilities and deadlines and resources are provided. An Action Plan may be prepared when a larger or longer-term project needs to be planned and outlined to the line manager or may be used to see at a glance how the project should be approached.

An Electronic Diary could also be used by managers. This is basically a schedule book kept on the computer. They can be used on mobile phones, computers and tablets. It is an alternative to a paper diary.

Give at least 4 justifications for the use of time and task management strategies. Action Plans would be used to break down large projects in to smaller, more manageable ones for individuals or groups. This will help you to focus your ideas and to decide what steps you need to take to achieve particular goals. Gantt charts would be used as they help you assess how long a project should take, determine the resources needed, and plan the order in which you’ll complete tasks. They’re also helpful for managing the dependencies between tasks. You would use an electronic diary. This will allow them to create unlimited recurring appointments, ensuring that they are never double booked. They could also save time with an e-diary as you can automatically insert and update reoccurring appointments

Delegation is beneficial to a manager as even in your absence the work can still be completed. You will also gain a reputation as a trusting manager and someone who cares about the development of your subordinates. BELBINS THEORY

Strengths: Creative, imaginative, free-thinking. Generates ideas and solves difficult problems. Allowable Weaknesses: Ignores incidentals. Too preoccupied to communicate effectively. RESOURCE INVESTIGATOR

Strengths: Outgoing, enthusiastic, communicative. Explores opportunities and develops contacts. Allowable Weaknesses: Over-optimistic. Loses interest once initial enthusiasm has passed. CO-ORDINATOR

Strengths: Mature, confident, identifies talent. Clarifies goals. Delegates effectively. Allowable Weaknesses: Can be seen as manipulative. Offloads own share of work. SHAPER
Strengths: Challenging, dynamic, thrives on pressure. Has the drive and courage to overcome obstacles. Allowable Weaknesses: Prone to provocation. Offends people’s feelings. MONITOR EVALUATOR
Strengths: Sober, strategic and discerning. Sees all options and judges accurately. Allowable Weaknesses: Lacks drive and ability to inspire others. Can be overly critical.

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