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The researchers will be using a Descriptive Type of Research Method, wherein the content of the whole will be purely a descriptive about the system. This would determine whether the study would be technically, operationally and economically feasible for the Inventory System of Jp & Joyce Rice & Feeds Retailer. Sources of Data

This study covers the appropriate materials or instrument used in gathering data to achieve objectives of the study. We the questionnaires as the source of data. This source certainly helped in the development of the system because it made the researchers clearly visualize the needs to develop a new system. Quantitative Cost/Benefit Analysis

A. Technical Feasibility
The minimum requirements for the developed systems are the following:

Pentium IV ProcessorColored Monitor
Windows XP Keyboard Hard disk space 4 GB Mouse

B. Operational Feasibility

This system was designed to lessen make the enrollment very fast. There will be shorter times of adaption for the system since employees in this college have knowledge in computers and that the user-interface of this system is very easy to understand.

C. Economic Feasibility

Table 1
Computation of Equipment for the Existing System
Item| Price in Php| Total Cost|
Chair| 150| 150|
Table| 200| 200|

Total cost of equipment for the existing system = Php 350
Table 2
Equipment Cost of the Developed System
Item| Quantity| Price in Php| Total Cost|
Personal Computer| 1| 15,000| 15,000|
Printer| 1| 5,000| 5,000|
Bond Paper| 1pck| 200| 200|

In Table 2, the Personal Computer bears little significance, when the system was made use printer and the personal computer already exists. The table above shows the total cost of equipment that we use in developing this system.

Table 3
Software Cost of Developed System
Item | Cost|
Microsoft Windows XP| 4,500|
Inventory System| 15,000|

Table 3 shows the needed software in order for the Inventory System. And the total cost of software which is Php19, 500. Only the Inventory System was needed.

Table 4
Maintenance Cost of Developed System
Item | Cost|
Maintenance cost for 1 year| 500|
Maintenance cost for 5 years| 2,000|

Table 5, the total cost of the maintenance is Php 2,500 because the system covers a 1-year warranty meaning the cost of maintenance for one year is free, therefore only the maintenance cost for 4 years was computed.

Total cost of the proposed system:
Total equipment cost = Php 20, 550
Total software cost = Php 19, 500
Total maintenance cost/5 years = Php 2, 500

Context Diagram of the Inventory System

List of Products
List of Products
List of Products
List of Products
Product Info, prices

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