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How would you feel when you are on top of a mountain, and all about you is thick fog and beautiful trees full of lovely flowers, overlooking a magnificent scenery of the valleys below, filled with rich green trees? Ah! Even imagining that feeling is precisely wonderful; utterly tremendous!

Then how would you feel when someone informs you about a trip to a place like that, all of a sudden one day? Well that is indeed what happened to me a few months ago, when suddenly one morning; a plan was made to visit Murree. I had always heard about its wonderful beauties, but never quite experienced them, though. And that moment was when my wish came true!

That visit to Murree, was completely unforgettable, and thoroughly sensational. That place was extremely fascinating and beautiful, and no one can even bring those emotions to words, which one goes through, over there. Our trip, though small, showed me the wonders of nature that flourish in Murree. Greenery was all around me; valleys everywhere below; brooks and streams, sliding down the mountains, here and there, the voices of them lashing the rocks in their path being intensely pleasant; and above all, the heavy fog all over me, creating the uttermost enchanting feeling, all along the way, was unremarkably incredible. Even during the tropical season, no heat of the sun ever disturbed me, but just the gleaming light enhanced the sceneries in their charm.

Birds chirped, as if singing a song to welcome me; monkeys swayed in the trees all along the way, waiting for the visitors to grant them some food. The landscapes were awe-inspiring, and the neighborhood there was equivalently satisfying. The theme park that we visited in Nathia gali was wondrous, and the roads were extremely adventurous. The whole trip, from the start to its end, was, beyond doubt, full of amazingly awesome experiences.

To sum up, Murree is known to me as the best place I had ever visited in my entire life, and my trip to Murree was substantially amazing, and is considered to me as the best of the best trips I had ever had.

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