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Hydraulic cone crusher crushing cavity is special designed according to particles layer pressure principle, the special cavity and suitable rotary speed improve crushing ratio and capacity of hydraulic cone crusher, so does the cubic product percentage.With hydraulic protection and hydraulic cavity cleaning in hydraulic cone crusher, the machine is high automation, if something abnormal happens, such as iron is feed into the crushing cavity or there is a jam in

jam in the cavity, hydraulic cone crusher will lift up the cover and discharging the material automatically., hydraulic cone crusher eliminate the trouble of stopping the machine to discharge the material by workers, so the maintenance is easier and little time, the cost is lower than traditional cone crusher.

Great Wall hydraulic cone crusher features of high quality and excellent performance,cone crusher mantle and bowl liner are made by high abrasion materials, and the special design decreases the abrasion for reason of crushing chamber and particles-layer-pressure protection ,which makes the service time is 30%-80% longer than traditional cone crusher.Hydraulic cone crusher is adjusted by hydraulic device and lubricated by diluted oil. The labyrinth seal eliminates the defect of mixture between water and oil in the traditional cone crusher. Related Products

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