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Desining A Website Essay Sample

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Introduction of TOPIC

The website is about the G.C.S.E topic “humans as organism” and it includes all the relative information about the topic. The website will encourage the children who are doing GCSE topic “humans as organism” and it will help them prepare for their exams and also, in their homework. Here is a print shot of the index page.

The background colour for my index and other pages will be black and the text will be Blue coloured so it would not interfere with the background. The font and the font size will be consistent through out. The title font will be 24 and times new roman and the other content text will have font size of 18 and the font will be times new roman. The logo of the website will be on all of the WebPages with hyperlink to the index page. The logo image will be on the top left corner and the second image will be on the top right corner and it will be in context to the topic. The text will be aligned at the centre and it will have the original content. The navigation will be at the top and all the pages will have hyperlinks to them. I will use one advance feature i.e. button and I edited the button using the software Gimp & Microsoft fireworks and used it on my original website itself.

Some of the pages will have links to other external websites on the topic. For e.g. one of the page will have link to www.bbcbitesize.com and it will show information about respiration and skeleton.

I edited the images using Adobe Photoshop and as I said before the buttons were

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edited on software called Gimp. I recorded an audio file using Sound recorder and I used the sound file as my background sound. It said “Welcome to my website, here you will get all the information you need about your Gcse topic; humans as organisms. I also made a video which show’s an experiment about the heart. I Edited it using a video editor called Windows movie maker. I edited the video from here and also added the sound here. For my navigation buttons I put them in a table/ frame because this will improve my layout of the website.

For the logo of the website I used a roll over image feature. This means that when you point the cursor on the image it changes. I used this feature on all the pages apart from the index page. The roll over image will show the topic related image. For any suggestions or questions I added a feature that would email the questions / suggestions directly to my email. This will help me improve my website and also would help the audience because they could ask me various questions about the topic itself. There was lots of text in the page and the page was scrolled down. So, I added a navigation anchor on the website. This anchor directly took the reader of the website who was at the bottom of the page to the top and this would save time for the reader.

I am going to base my website on topic humans as organisms and as I said before it will help GCSE students who are doing their science exams. The target audience is 15-16yr olds who are doing their GCSE exams. The website is appropriate for them because the could revise from the website and by using various features like navigation anchors, buttons etc the website would make the topic more interesting.

I used macromedia dream weaver version 8 to create my website. I made the website on the easy build mode and as I didn’t know HTML It was easy for to create a website using the easy build mode. I also used internet browser 6 to browse through the internet and gather all the information needed. Images and videos were edited / created using Microsoft pain, adobe Photoshop and used unlead video editer8 respectively.

The following print shots show that how I created a button. The purpose of a button is to make the website look better and more attractive for the people who visit through it.

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