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Reaction: I like the sceneries because I enjoy looking at the natural beauty of greens and blossoms. There are insects, birds and snakes that children would really love to see and watch. But one thing that I really appreciate about this place is the vast land planted with so many trees. Everywhere is green and it’s relaxing to the eyes. The air is fresh too. The resort provided barracks type accommodation. The people there are so kind. They know how to deal with people with a lot of respect and congeniality. Strengths:

* Momarco Resort is ideal for family out-of-town trips, company team buildings, youth camps and religious activities. * A place where you can escape the hustle and bustle of city life and just bask in the wonders of nature. * Fresh air and the cool breeze of the wind can be felt all year round. Various plants, shrubs and trees can be seen and touched. * Children can freely run and play in the open grounds.

* It has several accommodations that can cater to your needs. * Couples and small groups can enjoy nature and quiet time together in air-conditioned rooms. * Part of Momarco Resort is national nature preserve. Beauties of Momarco are suggesting recreation and a rest from stress.


* As Momarco Resort has a huge natural potential, attractive environment and sufficient climate, there are few opportunities to help the development of tourism in this area. * Building a higher class accommodation facility seems to be a great opportunity. * Operating a higher standard hotel which would provide complete services in this area could be really advantageous.

* There could be a large areas of forests mined out, which could lead to soil erosions and other problems, such as losing attractively for hiking and cycling and so on. * If any buildings were built, there should be an effort to make them blend in this environment, otherwise these facilities would have rather disturbing character, which would decrease the attractively of this locality. * Another threat is the global warming. As there is suitable environment for building Momarco Resort in Tanay Rizal, global warming could threaten development of tourism here.

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