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* Do you have a similar experience? Share. Yes, I have similar experience since I went to Hongkong. This is story all about, during my off day I’m not going anywhere I prepared to stay in my room. I’m only going out if my employer bring me to somewhere else together with their kids or their family members. Or we go to shopping mall. There a time that my employer terminate

my employer terminate me because my friend traitor me, she land money from the bank and ask me as a guarantor because she is my friend and I say yes until such time that time that the bank call me in my employer house that she did not pay and cannot contact her anymore and they ask me to pay for the rest that she didn’t pay. In there, there’s a rule that OFW they will not allow land from the bank or as guarantor, once they caught you automatically your fire or terminated. That will happened to me. My employer already know. She ask me to leave their house on that day because she terminate me, so on that time I don’t know what to do. I don’t where to go, I’m so worried, luckily I have ant there, I call her for help. Now I learned, that if you are new in that place we have to learned about that place. * Think Skill you have. How did you acquire it.

We spent hours in doing the activity by ourselves in order to acquire the skill. They same through with the four narrators above. They learned the skills by doing. * Think of concept. How did you learn it?

Experiences makes us learn concepts and skills effectively, this imply to the learning by doing. Firsthand experiences that make up foundation of our learning. These are the rich experiences that our senses bring from which we construct the ideas, the concepts, the generalizations that give meaning and order to our lives. They are the sensory of experiences. ANALYSIS

* How did the four narrator learn their respective skills concept? Analyze. The four narrator learn their respective skills concept by doing. The graduate school head professor had to do the computer task herself to learn the skills. The secretary learned from her mistake and repeatedly doing the task correctly enabled her to master the skill. The grade four pupil got a clear concept of the size of the elephant and height of giraffe after seeing with her eyes the real elephant and giraffe. For the grade four teacher, the statistical concepts of positive and negative discrimination indices became fully understood only the after experience. All these experiences point to need the use, whenever we can direct experiences in the teaching-learning process.

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