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Develop a System For Use By a Fitness Centre to Store Essay Sample

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Develop a System For Use By a Fitness Centre to Store Essay Sample


Riverside Ice and Leisure provides a focus for leisure in Chelmsford with a range of facilities that is both unique and extensive. The Centre’s upper deck houses the area’s only ice rink; whilst the lower deck offers three swimming pools with an exciting flume ride, a multipurpose sports hall catering for everything from badminton, aerobics and six-a-side football to major exhibitions. There are also two squash courts, an indoor adventure playground for children a cr�che, a fully air-conditioned gym, adjacent to the lower restaurant & licensed bar. Riverside leisure centre is located on the riverside industrial park.

Problem Statement

My task is to develop a system for use by a fitness centre to store and organise the company’s administration details such as membership, subscription payments and use of facilities. This system will need to store data on customer payments and bookings as well as sending out letters to members about meetings and forthcoming events. Therefore this system could also be used to produce session timetables and print records for customers.

The current system is a paper based filing system that has many restrictions that must be overcome by the introduction of an improved data capture and storage method. Below I have listed the following key details that must be addressed by the new system:

ID number

Each field in the system will have its own unique identification number

Customers Name

Details of customer

Customers Address

Details of customer

Customers Telephone Number

Details for contacting the customer

Date of Membership

Date the customer joined the club

Date Membership Expirers

Date the customer’s membership expirers

Method of club fees payment

Records whether weekly, monthly, annually, standing order

Record of unpaid subscriptions

Dates of unpaid periods are entered

Customer’s special requirements

Disabled access etc.

I have listed the reason for including each field that will be used in the system. During the testing of the system and after further research and development I may have to make refinements to the fields that will be included.

The reasoning behind the system is to create an efficient and easy to use method for the company to store and retrieve customer information. This in turn will help to make the operation of the business more profitable and cost effective. Creating a system to do this is the problem I must solve during this assignment.

End user Requirements

The final system introduced to the centre must:

* Reduce the time it takes to create a new membership

* Reduce time it takes to access membership files

* Reduce storage space

* Membership details must be easily edited

* Instructor details must be easily edited

* It must be possible to delete membership details and instructor details

* Calculate lesson prices

* Create timetables for usage of facilities

* Customer details must be printed easily

* Instructor details and timetables must be printed easily

* The user interface must be easy and quick to use

Data stores, Input, Process and Output

DATA STORES (what files are used?)

Customer Files

Instructor Files

Timetable for use of facilities

INPUT (what data is inputted into the system?)

Membership details

Instructor details

Equipment use details

PROCESS (how the system handles the data)

Customer joins club

Edit membership details

Expiration of membership

Booking for usage of facilities

Cancellation of lesson

New instructor joins club

Edit details of instructor

Calculate membership prices

Delete expired memberships/records

OUTPUT (what is printed and displayed by the system?)

Membership details from ID

Instructor details from ID

Invoices for customers and centre records

Timetables for usage of facilities

Print records


Pentium 2 processor

This is a chip that runs the computer and processes information and allows the user to use the interface at a reasonable speed.


Examples of the peripherals required are; keyboard, mouse scanner and CD ROM. These are all pieces of hardware used for inputting data into the computer, and receiving output information.

17″ Monitor

This is a screen that acts as an output device allowing the user to view information displayed by the system.

User Skill level

The use of the new system will require the user to have an intermediate IT skill level. The only training required will be an initial talk through of the systems perhaps with a brief instructions guide outlining the main features such as; creating a new field, updating a field, printing a field, creating customer statements. Extensive training will not however be needed because the system will include brief action descriptions for example “enter Surname” these are easy to follow therefore the user will require little knowledge of the operation of the system or how it is programmed.

Evaluation Criteria

This is a list of performance indicators that I will use to evaluate my system when it is completed

* How easy is the system to use?

* How effective is the user interface?

* The quality of the outputs for example customer statements.

* How much faster is the new system to use than the old system?

* How accurate is the output of the new system?

* The speed of the new system.

Interview With User

The purpose of this interview is to find out what needs the system has to accomplish for the user.

1. How is the information stored at present?

2. What details are stored?

3. What is the procedure when someone calls to book use of special facilities?

4. What is the procedure of creating a new membership?

5. How long is the information kept?

6. Do you often have to use previous records?

7. Do your staff require basic knowledge of computer use?

8. What computer facilities do you use at present?

The Current System

The Current system used by the fitness centre is a paper-based filing system. Customer’s data is hand written onto pre-printed membership forms then filed into filing cabinets. The forms are filed in alphabetical order according the customers surname to provide fastest access of individual forms. The currents system has many limitations that could be solved by the introduction of a new system. For example the filing cabinets require a large amount of space due to the large amount of data held. This space could be used for better use such as a customer lounge or staff room. Despite being in alphabetical order it still requires some time to locate a customer file, this will slow down customer service and cause inconvenience to the user. Another limitation of the existing system is that if the customer requires a copy of the data or the membership details need to be edited then the user has to either make a copy of the original or write out a new form, this wastes money and is time consuming.

Design of tables

The design of the tables is important because it is the user interface and will help provide speed and ease for the user while operating the system. I will now make rough designs of the tables.


Normalising data is a method of efficiently organising the date and breaking it down into its separate forms. It ensures;

* Data is unnecessarily duplicated

* Data is consistent throughout the database

* The structure of the tables allows the user to complete actions using the tables such as queries.

Un-normalised data

Customer ID

Customers Name

Customers Address

Customers Telephone Number

Date of Membership

Date Membership Expirers

Method of club fees payment

record of unpaid subscriptions

Customer’s special requirements

Instructor ID

Instructor Name

Lesson ID

Lesson date

Lesson Time

Lesson Cost

1st Normal form

Ensure there are no repeating groups within the entity. If there are any repeating groups then remove them and create a new table.

Customer Table

Customer ID

Customer name

Customer address

Customer Telephone

Date of membership

Date membership expires

Method of Club fees payment

Record of unpaid subscriptions

Customer special requirements

Customer Instructor

Instructor ID, Instructor Name, Patient ID (key fields in silver)

2nd Normal Form

In entries with two key fields remove attributes which do not depend on both keys.

Instructor Table

Instructor ID

Instructor name

3rd Normal Form

Remove mutually dependant attributes.

Lesson Table

Lesson ID

Lesson Date

Lesson Time

Lesson Cost

Instructor Table

Instructor ID

Instructor Name

Customer Table

Customer ID

Customer name

Customer address

Customer Telephone0

Date of membership

Date membership expires

Method of Club fees payment

Record of unpaid subscriptions

Customer special requirements

Forms Relation Diagram


A query is a search that can be carried out by the system of the data that is held. For example the user can search for all records of customers who live in Chelmsford, the system will then display the results in a separate form, which can be viewed or printed. Examples of queries could include:

1. Find all customers that live in Chelmsford

2. Find customers who are due to pay subscriptions

3. Find all customers whose memberships are due to expire

The results of query number three could then be incorporated into mail merge letters. This would result in the almost automated production of letters informing the customer that their membership will soon expire and giving them the information required on renewing their membership.

These are the 4 main types of query that my system will be able to operate:

Select Query

To find groups of people or individual

[please enter surname]

Appeal Query

Sends data to an archive table


Delete query

Deletes groups or individuals, should only be done after sending data to archive


Update query

Updates fields to new values e.g. increasing prices by 10%

Update to *1.10

Criteria >�10


Validation is the process of checking data as it is inputted into the computer. For example a validation rule would prevent the customers name from being entered into the field for their contact number. This is a method of preventing data from being entered incorrectly. This will reduce time taken to create a new membership and will reduce inconvenience for the customer and user.

If data is entered incorrectly then the system will display an alert box to inform of the mistake and provide an opportunity to correct the mistake before finalising the form.


Subtasks are operations in the system which the user carries out. The tasks within the system would be;

Customer administration

i. Add a new customer

ii. Edit an existing account

iii. Delete an existing account

Lesson booking (use of specialist facilities/Lessons)

i. Create booking

ii. Cancel/Delete booking

Instructor Administration

i. Create new instructor account

ii. Edit instructor account

iii. Delete instructor account

General administration

i. Update prices

ii. Calculate prices

iii. Issue receipt for customer

iv. Delete any unwanted records

Possible Solutions

It is possible to improve upon the existing system. For example disposing of old records that are obsolete, this would help to reduce storage space of records. The disadvantage of this is that it would be very time consuming and would need to be done regularly because the centre keeps records of all lessons booked and customer files.

Time Plan

The table below shows the time plan I will be working to ensure that my system is completed in the allocated time. The table shows the individual tasks leading up to the deadline.

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