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My project will be based on the Sparks five-a-side league, which is based in the Sparkhill area of Birmingham. All of the games are based in Sparkhill Park and I am part of the organisation team so that is why I have decided to design my spreadsheet project on Sparks five-a-side.

The league consists of ten teams, which were formed of all aged male groups from the area of Sparkhill. Each team entered having to pay a 30 sum, which went towards Sparkhill Forum group facilities. . The eventual winners would receive a trophy along with a trip to the London Dome and the London Eye for the whole team.

The ten teams: (unofficial names only)

1. Allstars

2. Brummies

3. Hurricanes

4. Warriors

5. Wannabees

Teams will get three points for a win, one point each for a draw and no points for a loss. If teams have the same points then the difference in the goals scored and conceded will separate teams. If the teams still are tied then the results between the teams will be the deciding factor.

At the moment it is quite difficult to find up to date information to allow users to browse through to get the information they need. What I am planning to do should be a radical improvement in reflection with the current method they are using (paper-based).

Description of the current system

At the moment it is quite difficult to find up to date information to allow users to browse through to get the information they need. Sparkhill Forum group write up all the results and update the tables and then post them down to each captains home who can then check up the latest scores. This is done every two game weeks two limit the amount of work that the organisational team would have to do.

There is also an updated record of results and table at the Sparkhill Forum group on the Stratford road.

Problems with the current system

Here are some other frequently occurring problems with the current system:

* Paper-based records can be untidy and difficult to read;

* Recording results manually can be a slow process;

* Records can sometimes get lost;

* It is difficult to use the current system for updating averages and analysing player performances

End User Requirements/Objectives of the new system

1. The end user expects an up to date league table.

2. System should be appropriate for its audience

3. Every game week results and upcoming fixtures

4. User should input limited information as possible

5. Every team’s goals scored, conceded and the points achieved.

6. An accurate, well-presented and understandable System.

7. Should be user friendly and attractive

ICT skills of the end user

The end users will be anyone who wants to use the system to see the latest on Sparks league. It will be anyone at all ages so the ICT skills will vary. Therefore I have decided to produce a system which will meet everyone’s needs as it will be more complexed and more user friendly in its designing.

Resources to be used

Most tasks are software and hardware based so I will have to search certain software programs and produce a minimal specification for the PC to see if they can be done.

This applies to all the of the following:

1. Firstly I will have to ensure there is enough memory. This shouldn’t be a very big problem as there will be plenty of space available. Microsoft Word, excel should not be a problem when it comes to space. I will have at least 10 records to store on this spreadsheet.

2. If my spreadsheet would be able to automatically update a record when a single piece of data is changed, it must be able to use formulas. These are very useful as they save time by calculating numbers instantly, and when a cell changes it will update accordingly.

3. To be able to locate certain records of data it must have a search facility or to be able to filter data that doesn’t fit into a certain group.

4. Any programme as long as it is saved can be recalled at a later date. I would suggest that it should be saved on the hard rive so it can be used on that computer, and my results also showed it would be useful if it could be opened on a different computer, therefore making floppy disks essential.

This final task is completed by me, as it is how I choose to design it:

5. The screen layout must be easy to interpret, so to do this I will firstly use a clear and easily legible text, and also if I use colours it must be easy to distinguish between them and they must be explained probably by using a key. Another important feature is to choose an appropriate layout so scrolling up and down is at a minimal but also the text is not to small.

I will need the following hardware to complete these tasks:

* VDU – So I will be able to look at the information in the computer I have entered and use the Windows Icons Menus and Pointers.

* KEYBOARD – So I will be able to enter the characters via keystrokes and change case quickly.

* MOUSE – To make moving from programs and selecting options much quicker and easier.

* DESKTOP -The store of the CPU (central processing unit), backing store, programs, files, and documents etc.

* PRINTER – to print out documents.

* FLOPPY DISKS – To save work and to ensure documents can be transported from home and school.

I will need the following software for my project:

* SPREADSHEET PACKAGE- This is to be used as the main base in which I will input my spreadsheet project.

* DATABASE PACKAGE- To input all of the information that I will receive e.g.: interview sheets, latest results, and standings.

* WORLDWIDE INTERNET- I will use the Internet, as my spreadsheet will be accessed via the Internet for the end users.

Input, Processing and Output Requirements

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