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The use of public transport is a convenient way for travelling with the trip to the cinema however it can pose some risk. The two main risks from traveling by bus are the stairs/steps and the flooring. The stairs are quite steep and if the bus is moving while anyone is trying to go up or down them then they could trip or fall and potentially injure themselves. If it is raining outside or there is a spillage of liquid inside the bus and the floor is wet then it could cause someone to slip and fall. Recommendations

Crossing roads can be dangerous, especially ones that are large and busy. If little care is taken when crossing them someone could get hit or knocked down by a car which could result in serious/fatal injuries. If the roads have drain covers that are wet, someone could slip and fall on it which could potentially put them in serious danger as a car may be driving at a speed where they are not able to slow down in time to stop. Also any pothole or loose surfaces could cause someone to stumble and fall over. Recommendations

Ensure that everyone uses a safe crossing where provided for example zebra, pelican, puffin. Staff to take extra care with hearing visual and cerebral palsy people

Food poisoning
Food that is served at the cinema could pose a risk of food poisoning. If food, especially meat is left out in the open for too long then it could start to grow bacteria. If food is cooked in the morning or afternoon and left all day without being sold for hours, it could cause someone to become ill as a result. The way that the food is stored and handled is also a risk because if it is not stored in the correct conditions and is handled in an unhygienic way such as with a person’s bare hands for example then it could be exposed to cross contamination and be covered in germs and bacteria which could cause someone to become unwell. Recommendations

Any doors within the cinema or on the bus could create a health and safety risk. Someone could get their fingers, arms, hands or feet trapped in them. Automatic and revolving doors are more likely to create a risk than just regular doors as they move at less controllable speeds. Recommendations

Any stairs within the cinema, especially the theatre itself can be dangerous. This is mainly due to the fact that that lighting within the cinema is very dim which makes it more difficult to be able to see and judge where the steps are although they have little lights on the sides of them. If the service user who has a visual impairment cannot see them properly then they are more likely to fall or trip as opposed to the other service users or staff on the outing however they are still a danger to everyone. Recommendations

The ratio of staff to the amount of service users on the outing is important in order for the service users to be kept safe. If the amount does not equal out properly then it could cause someone to get lost along the way or they could not receive the care and attention that the service users need to be kept safe and properly looked after. Recommendations

Film content
The content of the film is something that needs to be addressed before the trip. This is due to the service users with specific needs. The one that needs the most attention is the service user with cerebral palsy. If there are flashing bright lights in the film then it could cause the service user to have a fit or cause them to feel very uncomfortable. Also the service user with a hearing impairment may need special services to hear what is being said within the film. The service user with a visual impairment may also need special services to be able to see the film. The content of the film is also important for the other service users as it should be checked to make sure that it is appropriate/suitable and will not offend or make someone feel uncomfortable or distressed. Recommendations

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