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Exlpain how to build cohesive teams that perform well. For a team to become successful they must progress through different stages of development. Business owners will try to build a cohesive team of employees that will imperative their success, teamwork is critical to a business; so many businesses will create team building exercises which will help the teams to build trust, ease conflict, increase collaboration and build effective communication. Building a cohesive team is important for the team to succeed and remain united in the pursuit of a common goal. If a team is highly cohesive it will: Focus on the process

Respect everyone in the team
Assume good motives
Fully commit to the team and strategies
Create accountability within the team
‘Successful business strategies are usually carried out by an effective team with a high level of team cohesiveness. Highly cohesive teams are more committed to the goals and activities, are happy when the team succeeds and feel part of something significant, all of which increases self-esteem which in turn increases performance.’(- Team building will help to build a cohesive team, the team will become closer and it will help them feel more relaxed around each other. This will help them to be more open and share the ideas, knowing they will not be judged. Psychologist Bruce Tuckman came up with the memorable phrase ‘forming, storming, norming and performing,’ it is one of the more known team development theories and it has gone on o form the basis of many further ideas since its conception. The theory focuses on the way that a team tackles a task from the initial formation of the team all the way through to the completion of the project.

Forming is when the team is assembled and their tasks are allocated, the members will usually behave independently, and they will take time planning, collecting information and bonding. They will usually not have much sense of what they are doing. The team will have little agreement on their teams aim, and there individual roles and responsibilities will be unclear. If there is a leader they must be prepared to answer and have the knowledge to answer a lot of questions about their objectives, the teams purpose and external relationships. Storming

The team will not yet have a structure but will start to exchange ideas and will also start to address the task. Relationships will start to be made, and in some cases some team member’s relationships can be broken and may never recover leaving them stuck in the storming phase. Some team member’s ideas may compete with one another and if this is not managed correctly the team may be broken. Leadership is essential in this phase, it important that the team is focused on its goals and are no distracted by any relationship or emotional issues. Norming

The group will start to share more ideas and they will start to emerge as more of a team, individuals will start to share their skills and attributes and the team will start learning from one another. The team will move forward and start agreeing on rules, behaviour and what’s important. The team will start to move forward and start making important decisions. The individuals will start to understand their roles and responsibilities which will be accepted by others within the group. The teams working style will develop and the processes will be discussed, if there is leader the team will start to show respect and other members of the team may share some of the leadership. Performing

The team will become more strategically aware, it will become clear on what needs to be done and which individuals are responsible. The team will have a shared vision, and the team will be able to work together to create this with no interference from their leader. They will focus on achieving and also over-achieving their goals, they will make independent decisions sometimes against the criteria. When disagreements occur the team will be able to resolve them positively. The team will become structures and changes to processes will start to take place. Team members will be able to work successfully alongside each other, looking out for each other and supporting each other. The leader will be able to give out tasks or projects that the team will be able to complete with no assistance, although team member may ask for assistance with their personal and interpersonal development. Team cohesion

Team cohesion is a sum of factors that cause members of a team to stay within the team, teams which have strong cohesion will function better and perform better in achieving there goals. Team cohesion is not caused by one single factor but the interaction of more than one factor, while the group cohesion may affect the group performance. The group performance may increase or even create group cohesion. Members of a highly cohesive team may be motivated to accomplish more, which may not necessarily align with the businesses interest in performance.

Describe how to build a cohesive team that performs well considering the key stages in the development of teams. (Tuckman) Describe the stages of team development and give examples of what might be done at each stage Highlight potential conflicts, sensitivities

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