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Part I – Developmental Stages
For each developmental domain, physical, cognitive, and social, identify two major changes or challenges associated with the following stages: childhood, adolescence, and adulthood.

Stage of Development
Physical Development
Cognitive Development
Social Development

Potty training





Neural pruning

Moral reasoning

Development of impulse control
Peer relationships

Identity formation
Physical maturation


Increase trouble assimilating information

Decline on performance on tasks requiring fluid intelligence Personality traits

Selecting a life partner

Part II – Developmental Gaps

Respond to the following in at least 150 words:

Demonstrate the interdependence of all the areas of development (physical, cognitive, and social) by imagining a persons’ behavior with one area missing. Create a scenario with an area of development lacking and describe the possible results. You may focus on a specific age or imagine how a later age would be affected by the lack of an area during an earlier age (e.g., how a lack of cognitive development during infancy would affect the behavior of an adult). Revised from Learn Psychology, p. 494

Phrases I learned in my assimilation course from a few months earlier as I tried to find a bicycle tire tube for my son’s Christmas present. I was so overwhelmed by trying to process not only my issue of finding something I needed, but my brain was trying to process all of the stimuli and didn’t have the resources to effectively organize all that information quickly. I was in literal pain. I had to step out and sit in my car and go back in after a few minutes. I had to do this several times before I was no longer afflicted with the physical responses to my brain’s sensory overload.

I realized that my baby with autism probably felt like this with just the regular everyday stimuli and it became clear to me that it was no wonder he didn’t want to develop relationship with anyone. Everyone and everything was causing him pain. I would hide in a corner and avoid eye contact in hopes to be left alone too if even the people I instinctually knew were there to protect and love and take care of me were causing me pain. Today my son has very few recognizable symptoms and is the proverbial social butterfly. If he would not have had the cognitive area of his development assisted, his social development would most certainly have been affected.

Part III – Nature Versus Nurture
Using your own words, write at least 100 words describing the concept of “nature versus nurture”

Nature is pre-wiring that is influenced by genetic inheritance and other biological factors. The temperament of newborns and how emotional excitable they are is pre-wired. Bowlby was one theorist who even believed that even the bond between mother and child was an instinctual process designed to ensure survival. Behaviorists like Bandura believe that nurture was far more important than genetics in determining a person’s outcome. The term “tabula rasa”, which means blank slate, refers to a person developing by the influence of external factors after conception. For instance, infants form attachments in response to the love and attention they have received.

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