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Diabetes Mellitus Essay Sample

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Diabetes Mellitus Essay Sample

Thesis Statement: Doctors and scientist think diabetes may be caused by viruses, a body’s abnormal immune response, and over eating. I. Types of Viruses that causes Diabetes:
a. Enteric virus
b. Coxsackie virus
c. Epstein-Barr virus
d. Cytomegalovirus
e. herpes virus
f. Mumps
g. German measles

I. Abnormal Immune Response like:
a. Slow healing of cuts and wounds
b. Excessive thirst
c. Excessive hunger
d. Frequent urination
e. Lack of energy
f. Shortness of breath
g. Dry, itchy skin

II. Over Eating some foods/drinks that causes Diabetes
a. Butter, Cheese, and condensed milk
b. Sweet foods
1. Chocolates
2. Desserts
3. Jam
4. Jelly
5. Cakes
6. Honey (in all forms)
7. Marmalade
c. Wines
d. Cokes or cola drinks ; and
e. Oily foods
f. Junk foods

What Causes Diabetes?
Diabetes is a serious lifelong disease. It is the seventh leading cause of death. Diabetes is a serious medical condition in which the body ignores or doesn’t produce enough insulin. Insulin is a hormone that is used to convert sugar, starches and other foods into energy the body needs. This is a disease that prevents the body from converting food into energy. Carbohydrates are normally changed into a simple sugar called glucose (a source of energy). Diabetes is a silent killer disease in which blood glucose level is above normal. Earlier diabetes was common among people in age 45 and above. But now-a-days young people including children are suffering from diabetes. Most of the people suffering from diabetes are overweight or obese. Around one third of people is not aware or can’t be diagnosed if they are suffering from diabetes until they are encountered with blurry vision or heart related problems.

Thus it is important to know if you are suffering from diabetes. It has long been speculated that viruses might play a role in causing diabetes by infecting the beta cells of the pancreas. Among the viruses under scrutiny are enteric viruses which attack the intestinal tract, may play an important role in triggering the development of diabetes, particularly in children. These viruses usually cause symptoms similar to the common cold, or vomiting and diarrhea. However, some researchers had provided clear evidence that they are also found frequently in the pancreas of people who develop diabetes. The beta cells are not destroyed in this disease but their ability to make insulin is compromised.

The way that enteroviruses might contribute to the development of diabetes has not been established but it is known from laboratory studies that an enteroviral infection of beta cells reduces their ability to release insulin. Most diabetes is linked to immune system function. Several things can cause the immune system to go haywire. Infections such as pertussis, hepatitis and rubella, and with coxsackie virus, Epstein-Barr virus, cytomegalovirus and herpes virus can initiate the autoimmune process. This link with viruses has led some observers to believe that the worldwide programme of early vaccinations may have a role to play in the development of diabetes. Certain virus like Coxsackie B virus may infect the pancreas, leading to destruction of Beta (B) cells of Islets of Lange home, finally impairing the release of insulin and increased blood sugar levels.

Diabetes mellitus arises when insufficient insulin is produced, or when the available insulin does not function correctly. Without insulin, the amount of glucose in the bloodstream is abnormally high, causing unquenchable thirst and frequent urination. The body’s inability to store or use glucose causes hunger and weight loss. And in the absence of required insulin a person can become tired and fatigued. Diet is also one of the most important factors triggering diabetes mellitus. Indeed, diabetes mellitus is a condition in which the blood sugar level increases and so, any diet that contains carbohydrates (or more specifically, sugars) in it, are directly responsible for increasing the overall blood sugar level. Diabetes mellitus is not an easy disease to control. Proper monitoring of the blood sugar level must be done at all times, so that it is not allowed to go up. Moreover, every time we eat sugary or starchy food, the amount of glucose available to the body rockets. Yet the levels of glucose in the bloodstream are maintained within narrow limits by two key hormones – insulin and glucagon – working to prevent hyperglycemia (abnormally high glucose levels) or hypoglycemia (low glucose).

This is indeed one of the most frustrating aspects of the disease. Oily foods, junk foods and even cola drinks are directly responsible for the development and aggravation of diabetes mellitus, and they should be strictly avoided. One thing that is unfortunate is that about ¼ of those who have diabetes doesn’t even know they have it. Exercising helps reduce the chance of getting Diabetes because it forces your body to produce more insulin and it also strengthens your cardiovascular system. Did you know that 30 minutes of physical activity per day reduces the risk of Diabetes by 58%? Teens have a greater chance at getting type 1 diabetes than any other chronic childhood disease. It has been noted that the lesser active a person is, the greater is the risk of developing diabetes. In conclusion, lifelong fitness is important for everyone because it keeps your body healthy and your heart strong. And by monitoring the foods that you usually eat that contains high level of sugar can help you to prevent getting Diabetes and many other serious health conditions.

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