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In the following I will be describing a wide range of technologies used by a person with special or particular needs. While I was carrying out my research for this project I came across my old school librarian. His name is Robert Maddox and he is he has a physical disability in which he cant walk. The special technology he has is an electronic wheelchair, which he can travel around

travel around the library. He has been disabled for nearly six years. The reason that caused his disability was a car accident, which was very horrid and terrifying. He was paralysed for life and it was a very tragic accident.

There are many special or particular needs e.g. sensory impairment, Physical disability, Limited mobility, Learning difficulties, Language difficulties and multiple disabilities. There are many ways in which ICT can offer improved access:

Special/Particular Need

Ways in which ICT can offer improved access

Sensory Impairment

ICT can offer maybe an artificial limb e.g. where nerves aren’t working in your leg. You can attach an artificial leg.

Physical Disability

ICT can offer an electrical wheelchair for people like Robert who is paralysed.

Limited Mobility

ICT can offer an electronic wheelchair so they can move around more easily.

Learning Difficulties

ICT can offer an electronic translator or a special needs assistant.

Language Difficulties

ICT can offer a spelling or grammar checker. Also a special needs assistant

Multiple Disabilities

ICT can offer e.g. an artificial limb and electronic wheelchair. This is an example of a number of disabilities, which is called multiple disabilities.

There is a variety of standard technology for people with Special/Particular needs. For people who are maybe deaf there is vibrate alert phones, this would help because deaf people wont hear the phone ring and therefore find out if its ringing or not. For people who have trouble for contact with people there is sms, video conferencing and email available, which would be useful for people who have a physical disability, This would help them because they wont be able to see the person in person or post a letter which would be difficult for them. There is also online banking and online shopping which is much easier than rather going and sorting out bank situations or shopping around city centre.

There is also many special adapted ICT hardware and software available. There is incoming speech amplifiers and induction loops. There is speech synthesisers and voice recognition systems. There is Environmental control systems. There are also automatic doors for people who have difficulties opening doors. There are special keyboards for manual disability; this is helpful because it is easier for people with limited mobility.

Overall I have found out there are many ways in which ICT has offered special needs for people not so lucky as us. There is a wide range of standard and special technologies for the not so fortunate almost all around the world. The technologies available are very well designed and could not have been done without the use of ICT. These technologies are well adapted to the unfortunate’s particular needs and are an important key for and improved quality of life for them.

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