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Dictionary Essays


Frindle Case

Have you ever thought of inventing your own word and have it emerge as an absolute sensation? In Frindle, a magnificent book by renowned author Andrew Clements, a young boy named Nicholas Allen is faced with a language-arts teacher who

Problems of Language Norms in Lexicography in Modern English

The course paper is devoted to functioning of concept “Language difficulties” in the theory of language norm in lexicography. Since 50th of XX century began the mass edition of practical manuals, short dictionaries, reference books and popular scientific editions concentrated

Reflective Commentary on Death

“The action or fact of dying or being killed; the end of the life of a person or organism” – Oxford Dictionary ‘Death and Grief’ was the title of my group’s presentation. We chose this topic as we felt it

Tight Case

“Your outfit is really tight”, one of my classmates at school said to me as I walked down the hallway. I was horrified! I know I have gained some weight lately but I thought my outfit looked rather becoming. It

University of Phoenix

There are many reasons why a company may or may not become successful but one area of success for a company has always been the company’s foundation or structure. There are many structures for a business that will provide both

The new Language

Today in day’s people doesn’t communicate like we used to before texting were invented. As technology keeps advancing our language do too, most of the people don’t talk no more, people text instead. Back in the days we need it

Vandalism and how it is a problem today

Prior to beginning our research of vandalism we began discussing our own definition of vandalism and what it meant to us. The following is what we came up with for our own description of vandalism. Vandalism is the act in

My future goals as a University Student

A student has goals in his or her own right. Before going any further, let us look at the meaning of the word goal; the meaning of the word Goal in Webster’s Dictionary is “the end toward which effort is

Ethically Defensible Decision Making

Thus far in class we have learned to increase our problem solving skills by using different critical thinking tools; however, we have not yet broached the subject of ethics. Here now, I will discuss how ethics and decisions blend together

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