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With my essay I want to show you the difference between life in communism and life nowdays. I have been talking about this with my mom and dad who lived in communism and I try to explain everyday life in communism and compare it to everyday life now, how was politic, society and mentality different in that period in Slovakia.

In my opinion communism had lots of advantages. The biggest one was that everyone in Slovakia had work! Nowdays a large number of people can´t find work and unemployment ranks as the most important and insoluble problems in Slovakia. The most unemployed district is Rimavská Sobota (where I live), it is 34, 44%. In communism people received from their job lot´s of advantages, for example camps for their children, cheap trips, young people received flats and so on. Although the earning wasn´t as big as now they didn´t have problems with getting the food for whole family or defer money, now are earning much bigger, but for nowadays world it is a few. When now is someone earning it is problem for him to foster family not even to defer some money.

Schools in communism were for free, everyone could study and who was learning, now are universities and private schools very expensive and only a few people can afford them. There wasn´t so big difference between people like now that someone is visiting America on holidays and someone is homeless and don´t have anything to eat. Medicine was for free, too. Now for old people who receive pension is hard to buy medicine and also food. Nowadays can someone in one day lost his job and became a homeless. For example my dad is working 150 kilometers from home and when he lose his job and can´t find another one we will have big problem in our family.

The next advantage of communism in my opinion was that people hadn´t been so materialistic and they appreciate things like bananas, sweets and so on, because they had it only on Christmas or on Saint Nicholas and they got only one kilo of bananas on the family. Now you can buy any time whatever you want, whatever you fancy and people are forgetting about being thankful for such a things.

The disadvantage of communism was travelling. People had to write down everything they had with themselves when they went abroad, they could travel only a few times a year. They were waiting at least for two hours for control on border and you couldn´t bring from abroad anything that wasn´t forbidden.

In my opinion this time period offer more options, but only for smaller group of people, because most people live in the low standard of living. If I could return time I would like to live in communism and try that type of life. I think I would appreciate lots of things more than now.

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