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Recently, there was a group of Mission College students discussing about the differences of genders on Facebook, a social networking. One of the female students wrote a note which contained 50 factors that guys should know about girls, but most of the comments from the guys said that they couldn’t understand girls. Girls are just lame complicated to understand and to be with, and they wish girls could be plainer and easier. Conversely, the girls responded to the guys’ comments that girls are not that hard to understand, but guys just never satisfy and appreciate of what it has already been there. By this, it shows that guys and girl are different, and they always misunderstand about each other. Nevertheless, there are many differences between men and women, and they are divided into many parts: physical, mental, relationship, education and career. Physically, the two hemispheres of the female brain are connected more than the two hemisphere of the male brain. The study has found that the cerebral cortex of the females’ brains are closer together and touches more than males’ brains even though males’ brains are larger than females (Brannon, 2002).

Women’s brains operate at a higher temperature due to burning more glucose. Also, the life time of female brain is shorter than the male brain, and women are more propones to degenerative diseases than men. Yet, men’s brains are larger, it shrinks fast. Males’ uses more brain more when they think since they are very logical. As women and men grow, there are some changes in their bodies which are very common for everyone. First of all, their productive systems would grow, and they are able to have offspring. Male will start to produce sperm, and female will start to have

their periods so their eggs are ready to receive the sperm. The females’ bodies’ contours become rounded whereas the males’ musculature develops. Some parts of their bodies will grow more hairs such as the underarm hair and pubic hair, and for males they will grow more hair on the face as facial hair like beard and hair line. More than that, women will experience the breast development as the male experience the enlargement of larynx, and they both will have acne appear on their faces since their hormones develop more. People even can distinguish them as men and women by the change of their voice pitches that men have a low voice pitch and women have a high pitch voice. Women and men are just as intelligent, but their brains work differently. For instance, women excel in school because they have been made into a more girl-friendly environment, and more men are the ones getting the short of the stick.

Usually, men have a better special awareness and the sense of direction, and women are better at discerning the difference in color while men notice the movement etc. Men are simply more precise than women because they look at things deeper than women. In addition, males have a high ability to control emotion and project orientation, but they have a low ability to control emotions (Hopler, N.D). Usually women have the ability to deal with multitask; for example, I can listen to my iPod, read the book, and watch the TV at the same time. I can capture all of the information unlike men; they can only focus only to one thing or fewer things than females. Although women are flexible, they still cannot response to stress and risk as well as the men do. Men and women have differences in mental ability which make the men to have a tendency to compete with other men and women to have a tendency to cooperate with other women.

Stereotypes of genders influence people’s personal outlooks. Most women deal in emotion, and men deal with a pragmatic approach (Fischer 2000). Male and female hormones make them act different ways that are misunderstood by the other sex. Most men and women relate differently in emotions. Brain generation during the high emotion causes the women talk things over and over, but men emotion likely to lead them to action which is possibly violence. Sometimes, women would ask the men what are they thinking as the women see the men go quiet because usually, when women are quiet, they feel hurt and upset so they assume the same way to the guys. Actually, it is not what happens to men; they go quiet because they have things to be solved. Men and women need to appreciate each other that sometimes, women need to talk about their feeling although, men like to show practicalities rather than what they are feeling; to understand the emotion is the best way for them to relate one another. Commonly, both man and woman need to work out together in order to make a relationship work out smoothly. Somehow, men and women tend to think differently from each other about their relationships.

At the beginning when the men first get to know the women, they would most of the time brag about their achievements even though they are nervous and keep talking without knowing that the women sometimes don’t even bother to know those things (McChristie, N.D.). In contrast, women would talk about themselves, family, and what they enjoy to do, and it shows that men and women don’t actually talk to each other since they talk about their own things which are not interested by either of them. Later on in the relationship, men would just turn on the TV to watch sports and do their world, but the women would sometimes cry and say to the men “You don’t talk to me anymore”. It is just fact though. Moreover, Women always give off what they have to receive what they expect from their partners, but men never really satisfy of what they have or receive (Shoshanna2008).

Being in a relationship doesn’t mean much for some men as they are quite happy to be down the pub observing things at girls. Men love being able to look up with different girls, and they don’t like to deal with emotion things from women. When it comes to time of serious talking, men would always come up with the “why” questions and most of the time women would end the discussion with the “whatever” word. In relationships, women care more about the mental factors while men think more about physical factors most of the time. Both men and women need a very deep understanding to make the relationships become better.

Do you believe that women would have more friends than men when they are adolescents? According to Brannon (2002), when men and women were younger, they would play with the same or opposite sex closely, and at the age of 5, the women would start sharing secrets to their friends and enjoy playing dolls while, the young men would be playing sports or some active games with their friends. As they get older, women would still keep the way she become friends with both sex, but the men would be really hard to make friends with other women although, they keep bragging that they also can make very easily to the opposite sex.

On the other hand, when they guys get together, they would talk about the appearance of any women either their girlfriends or women whom they have seen. They seem to be proud when they could tell their friends of how their girlfriends are yet, the women are different. When they get together, they would share to their friends of what their boyfriends have done to them include all the bad and sweet things. Since the women are more emotional, the laughter and the tear would come out at the all time depend on the situations.

Genders also make differences in education. In the early ages in primary and elementary schools, women seem to do better, but as they get to high school women lose the confidences of themselves in some areas such as math and science. In addition, women tend to study and take up careers majors in the arts and social science where as men study science and technological subjects in higher educations. On the other hand, male and female students have different perceptions on the professors. Based on the College Student Journal ( June, 2008), even though females professors seemed to be viewed as inconsistent and emotional unstable, the students are more negative about male professors as less kinder and less gentler presence to students in the classroom.

Later in life, males get opportunities in careers while women occupy a very small percentage of executive positions (Brannon 2002) as managers or entrepreneurs. Men and women are always different even though the work fields or real lives. For instance, a survey study of young physicians in 1996 showed that young male physicians earned more than the female physicians for 41percent per year. However, female physician would earn more than male physician in the general and family practice, and the males would even earn more in the medicine subspecialties and emergency medicine (Baker, 1996). As the matter of facts, male are more into inventory and active works like engineering, architecture, scientist, biologist and so on; yet the women are into the social and artistic: actress, singer, counselor, designer and more. Women love to have the job which they can enjoy themselves more and feel the real taste of lives despite, men would prefer to do realistic things which give results that make them proud of their achievements.

In conclusions, men and women are very different in most of the areas. Physically, they have different size of brains and body, the structure of the brains cortex, and they also have different changes during puberty as men grow hair in more places, grow more muscular shape, and the change of voice pitches. They have very few things in common, but I think it is just the gifts from God for people. What is more, they have mental differences such as mental abilities and emotions as well, and they negotiate differently in both love relationships and friendships. Lastly, men and women participate in their own ways in education and careers. If men and women are just simply the same, there would be no excitement in this world. Precious things aren’t easy to come so is the understanding. The differences in genders are something that both men and women need to understand and cope with it in order to have peaceful lives with the opposite sex.

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