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Digital Essays


The Digital Provide Information

People nowadays are living in an information age dependent upon digital information. Digital information is electronic information, the result of computer processing. Every type of job relies upon getting information, using it, managing it, and relaying information to others. Computers

Digital technology today

Digital technology has done a tremendous job in assisting people in many ways. The use of digital technology which includes devices such as computers, mobile phones and projectors is substantially increasing day by day. With the advancement of technology, it

Marketing Management and Digital Communications

In this self-reflection essay, I will examine the two communication problems which have been identified using the five diagnostic tools during the individual diagnostic class. The two communication problems are I talk less compare to the average people and have

Digital media and Social Media

Some of the major changes that I\’ve seen in the past years on the internet in terms of my own use of digital media for example from Mp3 players to online streaming of music. In terms of listening to music

Garageband Digital Guitar Effects

The researchers have decided to explore a few of the digital effects readily available for post processing audio from an electric guitar, research on what they are, and how they affect the sound quality. The researchers will be particularly looking

Digital Cinema

Leitsinger, Miranda, Digital Technology Turns Artistic, AP Online, June 2, 2001 Digital technology has become part of our lives and most people have yet to reflect on its emotional, psychological or even aesthetic impact. Digital technology has become pervasive across

Digital Care

Today, dental care is considered a luxurious health-related field, but not equally important as health care. I believe that dental care facilities are the most medically sophisticated care options, and with the dental care shortage and high prices, they are

Modern Technology

Conceptual Literature The main purpose of Education is to mold each personalities and instinctual interest that enhance the ability to perform in a certain society. Although education is acquired not only inside the school setting, still the school is considered

Reflection on the media fast

Last weekend I observed media fast where I came to learn the extent I depend on commercial sources to obtain information. These sources include newspapers, internet surfing, reading books, watching televisions and social networking. However, I never took time to

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