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Introduction of TOPIC

“The purpose of the Direct Instruction model is to teach knowledge and skills that are already definable, easily illustrated, and reliably improved with practice.” (Estes, 2011) Contributors to the understanding of Direct Instruction include social learning theory, behavioral psychology, and cognitive learning theory. Barak Rosenshine identified the six steps of Direct Instruction Model that I will be using in forming the lesson plan. The content area I chose to use for this lesson plan is social studies and the standard is geography. The students will learn the states that make up the United States of America. My lesson plan in the Direct Instruction Model would appear: Two activities that would help teach this lesson would be first make it a game like pin the tail on the donkey except the students will pin the state in the correct spot on the map another version would be to have a puzzle of the united states that the student put together.

This will give the students an opportunity to see if they can place the state in the correct spot which shows they understand each region and the states that belong in each region. The second would be singing the names of the states in a song. It is always fun when the class starts singing which will bring enthusiasm in learning the states. Singing the states will also help the students remember the names in a fun way because it is like memorizing a song. This can be a good assessment because the teacher can document any problems and accomplishments to ensure the students are learning the material. Both of these activities are geared toward helping students be successful at demonstrating lesson objectives. “The Direct Instruction Model has been clearly related to student achievement and provides the opportunity for students to clearly define skills and knowledge.” (Estes, 2011)


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