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Introduction of TOPIC

Identified Issue: Have mobile phones caused more problems in our society than the benefits they have brought? Introduction: The development of modern technology has led to the production of more and more smartphones mobiles. IT industry plays an increasingly important role in modern social activities. The reason why the number of mobiles has increased is that they make life more convenient. According to statistics released by a reputed analytic agency in the field of IT, the total number of mobile connections in the world reached 5.6 billion in 2011! This number is increasing at a staggering rate with China and India leading the list of mobile subscribers in the world, particularly because of their huge population. According to my research, 9 students in our class have Iphones, 2 have an HTC phone, 1 has a SAMSUNG phone, 1 has a Xiaomi phone and 1 has a Blackberry.

We can see that the smart mobiles might be attracted so let us to look at what makes them so appealing. Without a cell phone, a teen might be left out of the loop and have difficulty staying in contact with friends and socializing as effectively as others who have cell phones. So, what are some of the specific advantages that mobile phones have offered in the modern world? Mobile phones can not only be accessed anywhere but also at any time. You can also carry a mobile phone with you so you don’t miss important calls. It can provide an internet connection which allows us to use online banking, send emails to our friends in any country instantaneously or

access information online within seconds. Without access to a computer, a smartphone mobile is your

best connection to the world. For example, one of my classmate’s fathers is a driver. Before he got his mobile phone, there was no way to contact him while he was at work. However,since he bought one, his family is now able to call him whenever they need him.

If your phone has a camera, you can take pictures in the beauty spot and provide real-time documentation of major events , chat with anyone who you like to talk with and make a video conference . Mobile learning can happen during ‘dead time’, while travelling or waiting for a meeting to start. It also contains many useful functions including a calendar, alarm clock, timer and calculator, which can make life easier. In the past few years, we have needed to write notes on paper, but the invention of smartphones means we can now easily finish it on our mobile phone. Additionally, mobile phones can be helpful in emergencies. Many parents encourage their children to take a phone to school because parents can then stay in touch with their children, and when in danger, students can contact the police. According to the American Life Project, 74 percent of Americans say they’ve used a cell phone in an emergency, so you can see the convenience of mobile phones in emergencies.

Many kinds of smartphones have great for induction in order to be use easily in all ages. Some smartphones even contain GPS navigation; a modern approach to street maps. You just need to enter the place name that you want to go and arrive and then it will give the nearest way as well as the number of bus the you must by. Besides TV and newspapers you can have easy and quick access to the latest information worldwide for 24 hours. When you want to send your best wishes to your friends and family, you can choose to send the text message. By the devolving of mobile phones, the weather forecast is on them clearly that you can plan the days and times of your workout. With the development of society, the role of mobile phones has shifted from being a luxury to necessity for people of all ages. We all hope that modern technology will reach a higher level, because modern technology makes life more convenient indeed. The advancement of modern technology will be welcomed by society as, despite its problems, benefits our lives by making it more convenient.

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My partner will now speak about the problems that mobile phones have caused.

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