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Knowledge on first aid, rescue and evacuation.

Help in the preparation of the school disaster contingency plan.

Aware the parents and community on various types of hazards and what are the preparedness measures to be taken.

Plantation in the school premises.

Boosting the morale of the community after the disaster.

Senior students can help villagers in preparing the Village Disaster Preparedness and Response Plan.

The students can be volunteers in the first-aid team, Rescue and Evacuation team, early warning team in their village.

The educational Institution can act as follows:

Act as a safe shelter.

Health center for the locality.

Disaster management Information center where data base could be maintained on population, health, institutions etc.

A center for learning and counseling.

The school can be feeding center.

Training for DRM volunteers, Village Council members, Teachers, Government officials at the Sub-Division level.

CONCLUSION: The Government of India over the years formulated strategies to cope with, prevent and mitigate disasters because of the frequency of disasters affecting the country . These policies consist of long and short term prevention and preparedness measures and immediate response mechanisms. They also include appropriate administrative structures to manage disaster response, financial systems to fund and facilitate them, the mechanisms to ensure that policies and strategies are continuously reviewed and revised in the light of experiences within the country and in other parts of the world. We, as teachers as responsible citizens of our country should be a part and parcel of the disaster preparedness drive taken up in the country. Improve answer

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