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Discrimination in workplace Essay Sample

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Discrimination in workplace Essay Sample

Discrimination happens when an employer treats one employee less favorable than others. If could mean that a female employee being paid less than a male colleague for doing the same job. Also, it could involve minority ethnic employee being refused the training opportunities offered to white colleagues. There are laws against discrimination regarding to status of gender, marital, pregnancy, sexual orientation, disability, race, color, ethnic background, nationality, religion, and beliefs. Although, sexual orientation and gender identity have no relationship to workplace performance, during past few decades a high level of discrimination is happening in work places. In this case, Maria claims that she has become the victim of workplace discrimination by not getting promotion, being criticize for her accent, and using couple tardiness as an excuse to her obtaining lower evaluation.

According to Harvey (2011), “Initially, diversity was defined by the dimensions protected under Title VII of the Civil Rights Act of 1964 (race, color, national origin, religion, and sex). As more legislation protecting specific groups such as people with disabilities and older workers was passed, more categories were added” (p. xii). These types of scenarios must happen frequently that we might not be aware of; however, upon inspecting this faults could expose opportunities, acceptance, determination, and acknowledgement for diverse worker groups. Importance on reducing prejudiced scenarios in corporations should be one of our top priorities due to diversity spreading among nations. The management could be making a mistake by not promoting Maria due to her belonging to another ethnic group, being prejudiced, and favoring an employee that does not well deserve.

Discrimination is a broad topic, which carries various types. At workplaces, there are prejudiced that most people fear in their life is being based on race or ethnicity, sex, religion, disability, and age. Workplace discrimination includes people sensing discrimination when they are joked upon their skin color, or racial slurs; while there could be sexual harassment, crude remarks, or criticizing their religious practices, and people with disability are not respected equally due to lack of their body function (Timmons, “Types of Discrimination in the Workplace”). Due to occurrence of this inequity, companies should possess rules like equal employment opportunity policy. Requiring employees to read the form, which has a content covering types of discrimination and once it has been broken it could result in termination.

Maria claim that she was discriminated on multiple biases since her accent being an issue to her being a strong candidate for promotion. She mention about being criticize by her gender because she was the only ethnic female employed, which indicates that companies might have a supervisor who is not only ethnocentric but also adore favoritism. The company argues that Maria was frequently loud and aggressive while approaching others. According to Hede (2013), Latinos are neck to neck with their immediate and extended family; they feel high level of responsibilities for their family members as well as they help each other when they are experiencing poor health and economic trouble. Meanwhile, Maria was still accused of being late couple time in her ten-year service due to helping her family member. Working a decade for a corporation, Maria should not be penalized for being late couple times. Supervisor was not aware of facts about her culture beliefs, which could cause some one their promotion.

Indicates the fact that all employees should be educated on cultural disparities and inequity. Existence of prejudice among workplaces has increase because there are claims being filed with agencies everyday. We are not aware of the cruelty going on or maybe there are some several who have become victims of it but the couple statistics on discrimination is unacceptably high. According to Catalyst (2014), race discrimination is recorded at 35.3% and sex discrimination is 29.5% (Sexual discrimination and Sexual Harassment). To decrease circumstances of discrimination, companies need to obtain strategies to assist reduce injustice at workplaces. There are several solution to cure act of prejudice such as diversify a company helps stop discrimination due to the effect on people learning and understanding other cultures; similarly, educating management on diversity and harassment to stop discrimination (Flnn, “Strategy to Stop Discrimination in the Workplaces).

Companies to include these factors in their discrimination policies should acquire as well educate their employee and instruct zero tolerance policies. Which has not been in mind of some companies but the company I currently work for has zero tolerance policy towards brawls and flights. Lisa Flnn, “Managers must take the lead and ensure that discrimination is stopped in all departments and during every business initiative, such as hiring and firing. Employers should also mandate participation in seminars and sensitivity workshops, and should write harassment and diversity policies to distribute to all employees” (Strategy to Stop Discrimination in the Workplaces). Once a month, having employee get together programs organized by company will provide opportunities for employees to get to know each other. Due to work load during work hours might not provide privilege to communicate out side zone of professionalism.

Policies without business are like ladder with out stairs. Recruitment would have to take classes on gender identity and sexual orientation. According to Human Right Campaign, “The policy is generally available in employee handbooks and included in a business’ “Code of Conduct” but should also be incorporated as part of job announcements, on the employer’s website and as part of career or diversity-related materials” (“Workplace Discrimination: Policies, Laws and Legislation”). I remember when I was hire for the company I currently work for instruct me to take an orientation that includes education on diverse culture, sexual harassment, customer service, and handed me a company policies hand book. Companies that currently require the laws listed by Human Right Campaign are Capitol One financial Corp, Costco Wholesale Corp, and IBM Corp (“Workplace Discrimination: Policies, Laws and Legislation”). Those corporations are not only well-reputed companies but also hold valuable positions among top companies in nation.

While diversity is spreading like germs around nation, people should feel comfortable to work in a company where they are not criticizing by their accent. I think we tend to overreact when an issue of accents arises. For instance, in comedy shows mention various accents as slightly funnier than others; however, there are certain accents that are consider charming and attractive; British accents is one of them. Qualification being on employees to be fluent in English is violating Title VII If the rule is adopted to exclude individual of a certain national origin and is not related to job performance (Workplace Fairness, 2008). Job candidate may require possessing knowledge of their field as well as to be determining towards position.

Factoring out bias judgment toward race or accent would not only make people uncomfortable but it could cause them psychological issues such as low self-esteem and lower performance in regarding to their job. After dealing with similar situations described above, Maria surely controlled herself well for a decade not creating a scene about violating her rights.

In this case, Maria was not accused of speaking her native language at work; the supervisor only mentioned about her accent being an issue. As I have discuses earlier in reference to discrimination on accents is prohibited while there are laws on not speaking a native tongue at work. Unless, there is a demand where mangers ask to volunteer for being interpreter. According to Workplace Fairness (2008) states that no penalties are instructed when speaking other language during work hours as long as it is necessary for conducting business. For example, customers often at my work as for some one who speaks Spanish and we are always happy to provide them with some one who they can interact with comfortable. Meanwhile, rules are not broken in this type of situation because the business demands and we supply.

Anyone who goes through similar situations to Maria’s should file complains on discrimination against race, culture, and ethnicity. Employees become the victim of discrimination can practice their right to file complain against the company with EEOC. In case, company is found guilty of discrimination, the EEOC will attempt to get settlement agreement that might include back pay, promotion, hiring or reinstatement as well as paying attorney and court fees (Globalpost, “Strategy to Stop Discrimination in the Workplace”). After evaluating facts, theories that could have lead the examination could conclude in favor of Maria. In result, she could have gotten the promotion she deserves.

There are regulations for female discrimination at work whether it is regarding to appearance, physical ability, wages, pregnancy or family. The Global post mentions that women are entitled to take family leaves under the provision of Family and Medical Leave Act (Female Discrimination in Workplace). If a women sense unfairness in regarding to these circumstances can document her finding and report to human resource. For instance, Maria should have contacted her company’s human resource explaining sequence of events verbally and in writing. Furthermore, she could have file a charge with Equal Employment Opportunity Commission (EEOC) whom too investigate the case and determine how to proceed (The Global post, “Female Discrimination in Workplace”).

There are various reasons injustice at work strike most of the time. Committing a mistake to not file complain could make a person more approachable to problems since person engaging ill intention will not fear penalties. As generations advance so does the absence of good behavior modeling among people. Promoting good behavior makes other race, gender, and ages feel accepted and valued. Gender differences are another concept that influence prejudice because of generational imbalance in workers (GlobalPost, “Reasons why Discrimination Continues to Exist in the Workplaces,”). Being kind enough to approach individual to introduce you to get to know one and another by socializing with all gender equally.

American was once known as a melting pot where people of different sexes, races, and religions were brought together. Now, the complication arises from workplaces where people have reported about not being treated fairly. While, educating people about cultural differences and promoting diversify culture at work could reduce the numbers of those complaints. As discuss earlier, there are companies that have acquired zero tolerance policies on couple factors. Yet, sign of re-examination of current policies have not been consider; however, there are companies who are requiring their employees to take orientation about sexual harassment, gender identity, and influence them to take a look at “Code of Conduct” handbook.

This handbook provides diversity related material, which can aware employee of company policies on prejudice. Equal Employment Opportunity Commission and Human resources should be notifying if one suffers inequity at work. Moreover, making effort to promote yourself and cultural aspect through interacting skills could also spread awareness of one’s traditions among others. One’s promotion or praise should include his or hers’ dedication and completion of tasks not the color or accent or a person.

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