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What is one of the important thing when you enter elementary, primary and secondary school? For pupils, beside education and facilities from school, they also have the necessity mandatory of using school uniform. It is important as it can give benefit for school financially, connection between teachers with students and reduce the rate of bullying from people. In order to make the best decision on whether or not use school uniform.

While in the case that some school uniform have high cost and it will be expensive towards certain fortuneless people to buy. Although it looks formal, sometimes it’s uncomfortable for students by reason of there are no stocks already, cannot find the suit size and cannot do any difficult activities like Buddhist religion they must meditation when they pray. During the summer term, they can feels very hot through of the uniform have layered by shirt and coat. School Uniform is very important because it shows that a student belongs to a certain school. By using school uniform they can looks more formal and discipline. Some people think that if students routine wearing uniform that will be their habits to know how to dress tidy and prim when they attending a work meeting and university.

Others are of the opinion that having a school uniform helps to prevent violence, distraction, social snobbery or bullying. For pupils who love to skipped school it’s easier for the teacher to recognize them. Furthermore some people may insist school uniform can saves parents money by force of no need to buy some clothes for their children. It is also argued that their children can wear uniforms for more than one year without fear that they are out of style. It can salvage students from flurried of fashion tastes since they spend time wondering what to wear as well. While they use uniform, they will seem as a professional person and feel pride because when public look at it people could know which school they are from.

Based on the arguments and evidence given on school uniform, it is fair to conclude that uniforms are require for students to wear for benefits them. I believe that uniforms should be enforced in school since it will help students from bullying, save parents money, less pressure and avoid inappropriate dressing.

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