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Introduction of TOPIC

LOVE – the mostly bragged and exaggerated word in literature, I guess. Even though this word is listened and used in our daily life in numerous frequencies, the word still carries power to stir up. The word is vulnerable to all kinds and ages of people and is mostly virulent to teenagers, (and in these modern days, it has even infected children). I respect the word in a sense that, the word has not discriminated humans into -gender; caste; race; religion; professions; country. But, what is love? Oh, I will not describe it. Why? To tell you the truth I can’t and even if I try it very hard to describe, people will always find fault in it. And why is that so? Its because love is a subjective matter and different people will have different opinions regarding it. It is intangible thing, a form less matter, perceived by individuals in its own way with its own properties. Well, that is not the reason I don’t describe it; it is because it doesn’t exist and how can one describe of a thing that doesn’t exist. The word which has been used since centuries doesn’t exist. Many of us wont agree with my opinion. I don’t want to persuade people to believe my view; believing in love has definitely some advantages.


gives you reason to be happy and what on earth would be more valuable than things , which though not

exist , makes you delight. I have my own reasons that make me to think that the love doesn’t exist. To begin with, I guess all the people would agree with me that- it is intangible thing; it is a subjective matter; and perceived by individuals differently. If these are true, then it must be true that love is the thing that we think we do. Now, thinking process is the one that is the most fickle thing in the world, that can transform and metamorphize within no times. i.e. the person whom you think you hate could have been the same person that you have loved or vice- versa. So, it is nothing more than your imagination. Next, the cynical behavior of human makes the existence of love in consciousness. The person that you love the most in the world is the same person that you want so much from him. Without the possibility of fulfillment of desires inherent in complement partner one hardly find reasons to love. Some may argue that people fight in relationship and it makes their love even stronger.

They go through harsh condition , the time their views diverse I do not disregard this fact, but in fact support it. According to Friedrich Nietzche “what doesn’t kill you makes you even stronger” . To extirpate inveterate love one must overcome benefits with burden. The time your partner realizes that you seem to be more burden than benefits, then time has come to flounder your titanic. You must have listened your friends or experienced yourself that you fell into love at the first site, or at least get infatuated in most of the cases. Have you ever realized that the person were at first healthy. The thing is you want from them to fulfill your desire and it could be only done if he/ she is healthy, the prior condition. Have you ever felt for weak and ill person in your life . I guess not. Next time if anyone says you ” I love you” don’t be foolishly happy, just be smart to complete the sentence ” I love you, until this favourable conditions prevails” and be consciously happy.

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