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We were a generation that grew up with the Disney films. The Lion King, Snow White, Mulan, Peter Pan, The Little Mermaid, Beauty and the Beast, and we could recall more of these famous stories without a second of hesitation. We enjoyed them, loved them, and most of us repeated our favourites like we could never grow tired of them. We loved their adventures, the world Disney films created for us. We adored the romance between the hero and the heroine and they were popular subjects to talk among friends. Yet despite all the fun Disney films brought us, hidden messages embedded in the films also came along at the same time.

The greater young children loved the Disney films, the more influence the hidden messages the films have on us. While young children enjoy the courage of the little mermaid to give up her voice, her comfort and her family to marry the prince, they also accepted the idea that love is above everything. This was certainly a bad influence on girls because this was not how real society worked. Parents did not realize, the seed of conflict were embedded in their childrens mind just for watching a cartoon.

We need to choose more careful than that.

Some people say Disney films convey positive messages to young children, too. The sense of family, responsibility, and courage as in The Lion King, Mulan, or The Incredibles was communicated through the films. Indeed, and if there were no positive messages in these films, there would not be any arguments in the first place. However, by overlooking the negative impacts as covered by positive messages, they can influence a childs life forever.

Considering the images Disney films created in their production. Heroes were muscular, handsome, and tall in size. Heroines were skinny, beautiful, and generally some were sexy. Anyone with an image of short, overweight was either villain or someone being laughed at. Girls that were overweight, or have large nose, small eyes that made them ugly could never be a heroine of the story unless a fairy came and transferred her into one of those typical heroine-looking girls. And while this was brought to real life, it influenced the way children judge themselves and others. By watching the films, we were planting the way of judging people by outer appearances into young generations minds.

There were also elements of violence contained in Disney films as in Beauty and the Beast, Gastron punches a little guy, and lots of fighting scenes contained. If the films were looked closely, one would notice that the climax of the storyline is often the fight between two men. There were also many fighting scenes contained in the story as well. Particularly men fight for a prize like treasure or women. This was teaching young children to use violence to solve problems, which is a very bad idea that had been putting into young childrens heads for years. Especially in the boys minds.

Nevertheless, Disney films incorporated unifying concept of defined models of how women and men should behave in society into their films. The hero had always been muscular, going on for adventure, strong and reliable. Yet the women had always waited for the rescue from the men. Like in Snow White when Snow White had to wait to receive the kiss from the prince because the seven could not help her. In The Little Mermaid the little mermaid gave up everything to marry the prince but the power of decision held in the princes hands. The Disney production had long defined mens power over women and that has the greatest and worst influence we would like to see on our children today.

Fairytales were made for adults. They were not to be shown to young children who still lack a sense of judging and were willing to accept anything that comes to them.

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http://www.viewpoints.com/Best-Disney-Movies-My-Top-Disney-Films-review-649c2Women, Race & Culturein Disney’s movieshttp://www.newint.org/easier-english/Disney/diswomen.htmlBecause it was an opinion expression essay, our teacher was not strict on the citings or research. I brainstormed and organized the essay before I researched on it to confirm if my bias made sense

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