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A. Several positions have shown have displayed Disparate Impact. The Shift Leader position for hires is the first position below 80% for both nonwhite and African Americans hires. Disparate impact was prevalent in the department manager position for African Americans. The data also confirms disparate impact Assistant Store manager as well as Store manager. Although disparate impact is prevalent in several management positions, this does not mean discrimination is taking place. The results are based on the applicant being most qualified for the position.

B. The concentration data was consistent with exceptions to the store manager position. African Americans had no representation for this position. Other than the Department manager position the data results are fair for company. There is more white representation simply because there is more white employees. Tanglewood is a company that will allow any employees to move up within the company. Tanglewood is a company that wants a specific person and to meet that your beliefs have to fall in line with the vision of Emerson and Wood. 2. Response to Eaglette-Schubert

Tanglewood prides itself on being open, inclusive, and encouraging. Advancing within the company should be based on work ethic as well as character. Emerson and Wood had a vision for Tanglewood and created a business that in their eyes provides top notch service for the customers and employees. Emerson and Wood’s vision for Tanglewood encourages diversity within the workplace. The lawsuit filed against Tanglewood evidenced that there is a need to evaluate the fairness of Tanglewoods hiring practices. We remain fully confident in the vision of Emerson and Wood. Their philosophy has led to the growth of the business. Judgments are made solely on work ethic and character. When a management position becomes vacant, Tanglewood does not hesitate when hiring. The first method of choice is to search internally, Tanglewood is fully confident in existing employees.

This is the initial method because the people that are currently working for us have embodied the visions of Emerson and Wood. The Uniform Guidelines in employee selection procedure provides simple guidelines for Employee Selection Procedures. Organizations are required to keep records that allow for calculation and comparison statistics. The rule states that if the organization’s utilization rate of a minority group is below four-fifths of the majority group disparate impact may exist. The Department manager position is the first position that is predominately employed by whites. There is very little representation for non-white and African Americans employee. There is very little difference at the next level of management.

White employees account for 12% of Tanglewoods Assistant manager position, while non-whites make up 9% for this management position and there is no African Americans representation for this position. The last position that was examined was the store manager. At these levels of management 9% are white, 13 % percent are non-white and again there is no African American representation at this management level. In order for Tanglewood to commit to having a diverse workforce, all levels of management should have representation.

3. Changes to Recruiting Procedures
Internal recruiting for Tanglewood has resulted in the success and growth of the company. Tanglewood should continue to promote from within because this method has worked in Tanglewoods’ favor. The data does not represent there is discrimination against one particular racial group. White applicants account for a majority of management positions over nonwhite and African American applicants. Tanglewood method of filling a vacant position is based on finding the most qualified applicant to fill the position. The Equal Employment Opportunity Commission has supported equal opportunity within the workplace throughout history.

With the several laws in place EEOC has established its present within the workplace. Title VII of the Civil Rights Act contributes to ensuring race, sex, and religion is a non-factor when seeking employment. After researching various initiatives for Tanglewood, the best result would be for Tanglewood to choose the E-Race. E-Race is an acronym for Eradicating Racism and Colorism from Employment. E-Race is an initiative designed to help improve EEOC’s efforts to ensure workplaces are free of race and color discrimination. This initiative will help identify issues that are evident at Tanglewood.

4. Bettering Career Development procedures
In order for Tanglewood to accomplish their goal of having a diverse workforce the E-Race initiative must be fulfilled. Although, the internal process has been successful in the past Tanglewood has failed at the presentation of vacant positions. Tanglewood managerial positions are posted within the organization through in store bulletin boards along with email notifications. Current supervisors play a key role in the selection process because if they recommend someone, Tanglewood does not hesitate to pay attention. Tanglewood has claimed to be diverse but truly is not. Management has not intentionally participated in any practices that were unfair to any minority group.

They simply do not have an understanding of what it means to be diverse, which is why the E-race initiative would serve as a learning tool for current and future managers on all levels. The company “Straight Talk” characteristic would be called into question if they chose not to seek help for becoming more diverse. Emerson and Wood’s vision of having a committed, qualified, workforce can be accomplished with the help of the E-Race initiative.

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