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Distance Learning Program Essay Sample

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Introduction of TOPIC

How can you show your commitment to public interest?

As a student and a future public servant, I will prioritize the public interests over my own interests. In the process of serving the Philippine government, I am also serving for the interest of the Filipino people. I understand the oath that every public servants pledge with and that includes commitment to the public interest. In my situation as a student of a state owned university, I can show my commitment to the public interest by simply turning off the air- condition units, the lights, fans, and any other appliances that consume electricity which are paid by the Filipino people. By the time I entered public service, I can show my commitment to the public interest by simply working over

time or even during the holidays. I believe that little things have a large effect on many people. I

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will serve the Filipino people through my very own little ways which in no time can be very huge. A public servant must prioritize the interest of the public.

I acknowledge that it is only a discretionary power of the government to do social welfare for the people. But there are several things which can be done for the people which will indirectly affect them. By simply cutting the costs of the government offices that were paid by the taxes of the people, it could help them as it will improve their economic status or lessen their burden of the taxes. Working for the government is a real sacrifice for anyone because despite of the lower compensation than those offered by private firms, public servants decide to serve the government not only for their own interests but for the public. Serving for the sake of Public interest, for the Filipinos does not necessarily mean that we should run for mayor or congressman. By simple ways, the public interest can be protected.

Distance Learning Program – Commitment to Public Interest

My personal answer on Distance Learning Program of the Civil Service Commission about the issue of Commitment on the Public Interest – Submitted to the Government Agency on February 19, 2013. For your reference only do not plagiarize but you can paraphrase

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