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I had a conversation with my neighbor. She is 76 years old. She is illiterate. She has no understanding of money and she cannot remember our past conversations. She has the mentality of a five year old. She has never been in school. I view her as a nuisance, an annoying neighbor. Every time she comes to visit, we have the same conversation, almost word for word. She is always asking me to do things for her at the most inconvenient times. She invites herself over for coffee or dinner. She knocks on my door every day, sometime several times a day. She keeps offering to take my trash out for me, when I know it is too heavy for her. Therefore, I politely decline. She has the mentality and energy of a five year old. She cannot read either. My conclusion – Inferences

She has no comprehension about money due to lack of schooling. She repeats herself often due to her age and senility. She is very polite and offers to do things for me because she has told me before that she feels the need to stay busy or she will get bored. I believe she has the mentality and energy of a five year old due to fact that she has never been to school and has never had anyone to teach her about life in general. I also believe if she were not afflicted with senility, she would not be so much of a nuisance.

Alternate tentative statements

* She forgets often because she is afflicted with senility. * She cannot read or comprehend the value of money because she never attended school. * She is a nuisance because of all these things.

(Wood, 2013)
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Perception and Communication

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