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Divorce rates in America are at 50%. Meaning 50% of marriages in America end in divorce. Hundreds of people are demanding divorces right this second. What are the divorce rates in America second or third marriage you ask? Its 67% for second and 74% for third marriages that end in divorce. The most amazing stat is that people are getting divorced more by their third marriage. Divorce is failing to stay committed to your marital and family roles. Parents might think about their kids when deciding on whether or not to separate. Although it’s very rare for adults to ask their children on their opinion before them actually splitting. During and after a divorce, parents will face a number of issues. Children usually suffer of emotional pain due to their parents avoiding divorce. When parents make a decision to divorce, children are supposed to deal with the decision because there is nothing they can do about it. The three main reasons for divorce are: a women’s change in roles, stress in your everyday life, and not enough communication.

The first cause of high divorce rate is when a woman feels out of place in her marriage or even their household. Back then, men were supposed to earn all the money to pay for all the expenses of the family, whereas women were housewives. Which left the women with no money and having to depend on the man of the house. This was the main reason women never separated from their husbands, because they provided financial care. Now women have become more independent and can make their own money to support themselves. This leaves the gate wide open for the woman to leave her husband if she is not happy because she can support herself financially. It’s a shame how people just can’t control their differences and drift apart.

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