Do Schools Kill Creativity? Essay Sample

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Every friday of the week, TED and The Huffington Post is holding a program for “ideas worth spreading” called the TEDWeekends. Several speakers are presented with their respective topics. Last 7th of December, 2012, Sir Ken Robinson was invited to be a speaker and he tackled how schools kill creativity. He mentioned how subjects like Mathematics and Sciences are regarded compared to Arts. This is a sad reality. In the

In the academe, people are very particular in following a norm where laws and theories are more important than any other subjects like what Sir Ken mentioned, the arts. They follow a strict operation where students should know these concepts so that they can perform well in class. Through this, it became a notion that students can be successful in life if they had a good standing in school. Their level of intelligence and capacity to become successful are measured through examinations about laws and theories.

To some degree, I agree on the argument presented by Sir Ken Robinson. On the society that we live in now, majority thinks that the main measurement of one’s success is how they performed in written examinations. We can be honest with this. I grew up in an environment where people judge whoever through the kind of course they are taking. As what I have mentioned a while ago, Sir Ken sees that the academe treat mathematics and sciences as superior to arts, which I agree. In the argument schools kill creativity, it really do kill it. Arts, being regarded as inferior to other subjects, is a clear proof of this statement.

For a student who is highly creative, this conception may affect his judgment about what is proper and what is not. There will be a possibility that he will suppress his creative instinct just to follow the norms practiced by the society. Sir Ken Robinson presented his side of the story very well because he stated what is really happening in reality. He also presented a living example that our society might be wrong with this notion.

Those who did not perform well in school, but has a sky-high creativity, can have the same chances of being successful with those who performed well in school. I agree that anyone can be successful through creativity. The society should be aware of this to urge the young ones to pursue their dreams regardless of what it is. I am glad that Sir Ken Robinson was able to discuss this topic. There will always be a competition as to whoever is the best. But at the end of the day, it is not always the intelligence that will bring us to where we are right now, it is our creativity. Intelligence without creativity is nothing. These two concepts should complement each other and not struggle.

Robinson, Ken. Do schools kill creativity?. Accessed July 2013.

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