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Everyone loves to wear nice clothes. Teenagers love to wear the new fashion and show of the latest clothes. But what they never realize is: do they really get what they pay for? It is important they begin to realize what people go through, just to make some clothes. It is important that they understand the advantages and disadvantages of the globalization fashion industry. Firstly a trans-national company (Tnc) is a company for example Nike, and they have become very global and too powerful for governments. Some advantages of globalization are: the cloths will be in very good quality and the tnc´s e.g. adidas are giving people in ledc´s jobs in factories. A minor point about these factories is that they pay the people very little. For example, 5 cents per half an hour. Another advantage about globalization is that it has helped trade become easier across the countries. This is because of an act called free trade. It sets no barriers between each country .for example a poor country has no possibility of trading and earning money, then globalization steps in and introduces free trade; this helps the country to get richer.

And finally another advantage is globalization has helped Tnc´s like Nike advertise their products across Europe, making everyone want some Nike clothes. Even though there are lots of advantages there are also many disadvantages. The clothes you buy, for example a nice jumper from gap, might cost you 50 euros, but only one euro of that price will go to a poor, young boy in India. Another disadvantage is, that if a company making a really nice clothes and suddenly immigrants are copying these clothes, but selling them for less, then the costumers will start buying the clothes made by the immigrants instead, which means the company (Tnc´s) will start losing money, so they will begin to fire the factory workers, meaning factories will earn less money, which means the country would earn less money.

And finally you can never know if your clothes are made by adults, not children, and if they are being kept in good conditions. This all came into sight after gap was caught by having their cloths being made by children. This also leaves the question; Are they being paid enough as well?-the answer is “no”. The average pay for a factory worker in India was 10 cents per hour. This is definitely is not enough. I hope that this essay has made you think a bit more about what you buy, and what you where it actually is made from. In conclusion Tnc´s like Nike, adidas, gap and many more is a good thing because, it helps to develop poor countries , and it helps the country be more friendly to each other.

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