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Do You think People Will Have More Leisure Time Twenty Years From Now? Essay Sample

Do You think People Will Have More Leisure Time Twenty Years From Now? Pages
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I really don’t think so. And I’ve got two powerful reasons to support my point.

Firstly, the young generation is required to be more efficient and effective by modern society. Most of the youths want to have better ability to plan and organize. But one may ask: why is this so? I think the fact is these kind of skills will be really helpful for us to live a life successfully. Just like American Ex-president Franklin Roosevelt said: No country, however rich, can afford the waste of its human resources. And many businessmen get used to listing a schedule for arranging their time reasonably. What are listed on the schedule? May be work time, business trip, business dinner time, online time, newspaper and instant coffee time, laundry time, gym time, (gardening time, kids pick-up time, ) probably psychological counseling time as well. What a living machine! Perhaps there are not always a place to add a reading time or a family time on it. If we think carefully, we’ll recognize that people are living under increasingly pressures now, although our home and work place are well equipped with modern appliances.

In addition, nowadays our world is facing the challenge of population ageing. The population of new births is reducing, the shortage of young people will cause a series of social and economic problems. Take China for example, the population in China has been strictly controlled in last two decades by the Only Child Policy, the following consequent is very serious. Several years later, a middle-aged couple in China will not only need to feed their own kid, but also have to take care of four aged parents at the same time. Because they don’t have any brothers or sisters to lend a hand, it will be a big challenge to this family.

What’s more, the serious aging problem not just has influence on individual families. As we all know, China is famous by her cheap labor, but now the world’s factory faces the same problem. Although the population in China is still the highest in the world, with the working-age population decreasing, the labor costs will become less competitive, thousands of labor-intensive industries will suffer a cold winter. How to solve this problem? The best answer is still unknown. However, some Chinese experts suggest putting off retirement age to cope with it, and so far it seems like a realistic solution. It means 20 years later, people will work three or five years longer than now before their retirements, will they be pleased about that? It’s hard to say. In any case, people will hardly have more leisure time than we do now.

To sum up, under the coupling effects of the rapidly developed economy and population aging, it is evident that people will hardly have more free time in the future.

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