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Does First Impression Last? Essay Sample

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Introduction of TOPIC

First impression is the first thing that you think of a person. It also makes you form an opinion on them based on your interactions. First impression can be either positive or negative. This impression starts when you saw a person that is so unfamiliar to you. Some people have their first impressions right, some have wrong. They say first impressions last but only some people do believe in this, some do not. People believe in this first impression because for them, everybody has an opinion on every person they interact with. It would also be the standards to know the person. Some thinks that it may tend to last if the person whom sees him/her as something special/unusual never gets a chance to know that certain person.

Some people who do not believe in this says that people over the years change, that is why first impression do not last for them. For me, first impressions do last because it is the first thing that you think of a person. This impression will keep on passing or visiting our mind every time we talk about impressions. For me, this event must not be forgotten because this impression is also the first thing that you and your not so close or unfamiliar person get to know each other by starting this kind of conversation. So do everything you can to ensure that your first impressions are positive, in how you appear, what you do, what you say and that will end up being a lasting and positive impression.

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