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A human who haven’t experienced confliction in his/her whole life is abnormal. Conflict is obviously a part of life. It exists as realism of any kinship and is not necessarily bad. Yes you heard it right, it is not necessarily bad. Some people say that confliction will ultimately lead to the demise of a relationship but come to think of it, having this proves that you and your partner don’t live in one person’s life. Meaning, you have the freedom to speak up about what opinion, perception is, which can create a deeper understanding, closeness and respect for each other. We all know that few people around the world can’t say that they had a 100℅ successful, happy relationship. Looking at the high rate of separated couples will prove this.

However, there are those couples who remained together for a number of years and your grandparents might be the examples of it. Taking the word forever literally will make you say no to the title of this essay but going beyond will make you say yes. Some says that love fades away once the couple realizes they are not compatible enough to make their relationship work and I completely object with that. Love never fades away, it is permanent and just get extremer and intenser at some point of our lives. Talking about separation, one can’t completely undo his/her love to his/her partner after separating. It’s just they lessen what they feel or how they care for them but still, there’s a little feeling or little love beneath their hearts. Unless, that particular didn’t really love his/her partner. Hm, so keep in mind that those individuals who say that forever does not exist are the ones who can’t prove that it really exist.

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