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Does My Generation Have a Role in America’s Future Essay Sample

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Introduction of TOPIC

My generation definitely has a role in America’s future. My generation has the future of America in their hands. We are also the best educated generation in history. We play a role in America’s future because we cannot afford to fail for the sake of our country and for the generation’s sake.

My generation is America’s future we ultimately will be the future politicians, doctors, lawyers, nurses, and presidents in America. The older generation will eventually grow old and die, which will leave our generation to run the country. This is the first reason I know my generation play a big role in America’s future.

Another reason is because we will keep the economy in good condition. First, we will have rallies and other functions to encourage and motivate students to stay and graduate from high school. Students staying in high school would ensure that students would have an honest chance of being successful. Studies haves shown in the past two years, The State Board of Education has seen a 20 percent increase in college enrollment.

The third reason why my generation plays a role is because we are the best educated in history. The older generation was not educated as nearly as much as we are. We would keep the economy in good condition, educationally because the majority of us would graduate from college and eventually start careers. Statistics show that higher learning equals higher earnings. Studies show that the unemployment rate is more than 4% higher for students that just graduated from high school and stopped.

The fourth reason I know my generation plays a role in America’s future is because my generation cannot afford to fail for our country’s sake neither for our generation’s sake. If one of us fails it would affect the entire country because the money that the government takes out for taxes would have to benefit those us that failed, which would make us

free riders. This is the fourth reason I know my generation has a role in America’s future.

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style="text-align: justify;">Lastly, I see my generation going in many different directions just as I see America today. There are many arguments, and not everything in America today runs as smoothly as we want it to. Of course, everybody will not always agree on the same things. As a result, I feel America can benefit positively as well as negatively.

People see the future in many different ways, I’m not talking about flying cars and robots or how people like to imagine the future, I’m talking about the young generation and how they will impact our future. I think that our future could go both ways with all the different interests and attitudes. There are those who are interested in science, writing, mathematics, and music. Because of the varieties of interest, a prediction cannot be made on who will become what, and if and how they will succeed.

It’ s hard to say how my generation wouldn’t benefit America’s future because no matter what profession a person goes into, they can still be beneficial whether a they are future cosmetologists or doctors. Some professions are more important than others but there’s no reason to say which ones because they are all important in some way. Also, some may go into more important professions and travel and help people. .

The only way I can think of a person not benefitting America is one who doesn’t even try. For example, someone who dropped out of high school, and was not going to college isn’t really as bad but it’s good to go if you would want to ensure getting a decent job of course. Another example would be people who don’t take care of themselves, such as those citizens who live off of other citizen’s tax dollars instead of paying their own. Our generation taking care of their selves would be responsibility. Responsibility is a big part of success because a person needs to know how to take care of themselves before they learn how to take care of others, which are citizens of the United States.

Our generation has a lot of talent. There’s a lot of music, acting, writing, and other talents that cause for uses of our imagination. There is not one person I know that does not have a great imagination and useful creativity which is great for inventions and innovations. New minds mean new ideas. As each and every one of us take our places in the future of America’s creativity and imagination, we will be used more and more. Also new minds into in the United States of America would be great because America can always use new minds to resolve problems, invent, and innovate what we have already.

In conclusion, some of our generation will be more successful than others, but our generation’s success depends on the choices we make such as grades, colleges, and attitude. As long as our generation as a whole do the best for America, our generation would be way more than just beneficial for America’s future. It would be great.

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