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In the following report, figures 1-6 will be analysed to decide which town would be best to position a leisure centre. Factors of the decision will include income, populations, age and transport facilities as all of these will play a part on which town fits the leisure centre best. The following report is based completely on facts and objective knowledge and both towns have many advantages and disadvantages. Figure 1 shows the socio economic groupings in both towns. Donborough has a higher percentage of people in the top tier groups (A, B and C1) with 70% to Barncasters 60% on this front Donborough is superior as it has more people, have a higher disposable income, for them and their siblings to visit the leisure centre. Even though Donborough dominates the higher tier groups that are not necessary the best thing for the leisure centre, as even though they have a high disposable income they probably won’t have a lot of disposable time. Based upon which groups are most likely to visit the leisure centre (B, C1, C2) both towns have the same percentage of people in the groups, 75%.

Based on the statistics in Figure 1, Donborough is the winner as they match Barncaster in every way and win on the percentage of people who have jobs in the higher tier groups. Figure 2 shows the total amount of people employed in both towns and in which sector of the market these people work. The amount of people employed in Donborough (60,000) is 20% higher than the amount of people employed in Barncaser, this is good for a leisure centre as they have about 20% larger audience/potential customers. Tertiary workers stereotypically are placed in socio economic groups A,B and C1. 70% of donborough’s working population maintain a top tier job as they work in the tertiary sector of the market. Compared to Barnborough 60%. From figure one we also recognise that 85% of the adults can go to the leisure centre as they have the disposable income and the disposable time.

Adults may not be the leisure centres primary audience however they are still a potential audience that will provide a substantial chunk of the leisure centers revenue. Figure 3 shows the average annual salary of the working population of both towns. Donborough workforce on average earns about £32,000 which is 33% higher than barncasters average annual salary. Although the workers of Donbourgh have an higher salary it doesn’t mean they will have a higher disposable income as they will spend their income on more expensive necessities. Figure 4, divides the population up into age groups and provides the total population for both towns. The target audience of the leisure centre (14-16) is highest for Barncaster as it has 25,000

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