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Question 1: “The idea propagated by media about beauty is unattainable and unrealistic”. On what platform do companies market their beauty products? Do you really think that the image projected by media of beauty is hypocritical and unrealistic?

Ans: Firstly, I would like to define what is beauty? Beauty (also called prettiness, loveliness or comeliness) is a characteristic of a person, animal, place, object, or idea that provides perceptual experience of pleasure or satisfaction. But today beauty product companies and media define beauty as slim , long legs, flawless skin , shining hair, matte lipsticks, spaghetti straps, dumb expressions breaking into smiles. Today we live in age where commercialism determines what is “beautiful”. Many young women tend to be become confused by such messages sent out by the beauty product companies. Women tend to find themselves caught in a trap that makes them eager to fit themselves in the mould of “the beautiful woman”—a standard set by the media and companies.

Companies have created their own definition of “the beautiful women ” which is hypocritical and unrealistic and Ordinary men and women end up constantly comparing themselves to the unrealistic images that they see. There may be a few natural beauties who make it into magazines, but most of them have a lot of help to look as good as they do. Professional make-up artists and hair stylists, with professional lighting and photographers, as well as a little bit of additional help from the trusty airbrush to rid models and celebrities of any flaws they may possess. These images of perfection are what members of the general public see; they do not see the process behind their creation.

Question 2: Define Advertising? What could be the possible objective of advertising? What are the advertising objectives for the CFRB? Ans: Advertising is the mass paid communication of building brands through persuasive communication and positioning them in the consumers perception with a constant eye on the market environment and consumer expectations. Objective / Functions of advertising

The purpose of advertising is nothing but to sell something -a product, a service or an idea. The real objective of advertising is effective communication between producers and consumers. The following are the main objectives of advertising: 1. Changing the Perception

With the right research, look, and design an advertisement has the capabilities to change the way people think of a certain product. 2. Preparing Ground for New Product New product needs introduction because potential customers have never used such product earlier and the advertisement prepare a ground for that new product.

3. Creation of Demand
The main objective of the advertisement is to create a favorable climate for maintaining of improving sales. Customers are to be reminded about the product and the brand. It may induce new customers to buy the product by informing them its qualities since it is possible that some of the customers may change their brands .

4. Facing the Competition
Another important objective of the advertisement is to face to competition. Under competitive conditions, advertisement helps to build up brand image and brand loyalty and when customers have developed brand loyalty, becomes difficult for the middlemen to change it.

5. Creating or Enhancing Goodwill:
Large scale advertising is often undertaken with the objective of creating or enhancing the goodwill of the advertising company. This, in turn, increases the market receptiveness of the company’s product and helps the salesmen to win customers easily.

6. Informing the Changes to the Customer
Whenever changes are made in the prices, channels of distribution or in the product by way of any improvement in quality, size, weight, brand, packing, etc., they must be informed to the public by the producer through advertisement.

Advertising Objectives for the CFRB

1. Increase sales of Dove beauty products and new product lines6

2. Create dialogue, debate, and discussion about the true meaning of beauty

3. Attract national TV and print media coverage

4. Gain local press attention in the hometowns of models featured throughout the campaign

5. Drive users to the CFRB Web site7 to share their thoughts and opinions about the campaign and beauty stereotypes

6. Create a call to action for consumers to join the movement through website pledge that activate a donation by Dove for self-esteem awareness programs

Question:3 The elements of Promotional Mix are – Advertising, Direct Marketing, Sales Promotion, Personal Selling, Internet Marketing, and Public Relation/Publicity. What components of promotional mix have been used by CFRB? Illustrate using a diagram/schematic representation. Ans : The elements of promotion mix used by Dove in CFRB were : Advertising :

Dove launched a global advertising campaign in October 2004 questioning whether “model” attributes, such as youth, slimness, and symmetrical features, are required for beauty – or if they are completely irrelevant to it. The ads each presented an image of a woman whose appearance differed from the stereotypical physical ideal, and asked the reader/viewer to judge the woman’s looks by checking off a box.

Internet marketing :
Dove used internet marketing also, Women can visit and cast their votes on the questions raised in the ad campaign. The website also allows women to partake in ongoing dialogue about beauty by posting to discussion boards, downloading several research studies about beauty, and hearing and reading what women around the world have to say

Public relation/publicity:

Panel discussions| Press coverage in national and local newspapers and journals.| Interviews| |
The Dove Self-Esteem fund| |
Programs for Aesthetics and Well-Being at Harvard University.| |

Question 4. What is OOH Advertising? What are the merits and demerits of OOH Advertising? What are the different formats of OOH Advertising? Which format of OOH Advertising has CFRB deployed?

Ans: Outdoor advertising is essentially any type of advertising that reaches the consumer while he or she is outside the home. This medium is in contrast with broadcast, print, and Internet advertising. Out of home advertising, therefore, is focused on marketing to consumers when they are “on the go” in public places, in transit, waiting (such as in a medical office), and/or in specific commercial locations (such as in a retail venue). Advantages of outdoor advertising:

• High reach
• Frequency of high exposure
• Low cost per thousand
• Often last stimulus before the purchase decision
• Good impact due to the design
• Exposure 24/24 hours
• It is a presence that can not be avoided
• Can be used with good results to get a straight answer
• Can be used to send messages to people in a particular geographic area

The disadvantages of outdoor advertising:
• Low level of attention given to the public
• Very low exposure time
• Limited possibilities of audience segmentation (generally limited to geographic features) • Problems with the availability of outdoor advertising spaces • Limits in terms of message design. It must meet several conditions: to be short, can be remote-received by people who are generally in motion • Due to the nature environment, marketer may be placed in a position to negotiate with several companies to devise a single campaign The various types of outdoor advertising, or out-of-home advertising may be grouped into the following categories -Billboards ,transit advertising, street furniture, mall display, alternative out of home , digital out of home.

Format of OOH advertising used by CFRB were :

Billboards :

Question5: How CFRB drives brand loyalty?
Ans: CFRB dove drives brand loyalty by introducing new definition of beauty to the people ,very beautifully they sent message to the people that Beauty is not about glamour or fame it is about every woman, all ages and of all sizes and the beauty that is in each of us .That’s what dove is all about and that’s why more women trust their skin to dove . Now days girls becoming more anxious, instead of more confident ,and rather than prey on that lack of confidence by offering beauty “solution” and used that information to their marketing advantage . Dove is actually trying to get at the root of the problem and boost girls confidence and self esteem.

Dove launched The dove self-esteem fund to raise awareness among young girls of the link between beauty and body-related self esteem. In the US, the Dove Self-Esteem Fund works through the Unilever Foundation to sponsor uniquely ME!, a partnership program with Girl Scouts of the USA. Uniquely ME! helps girls ages 8-14 build their self-confidence through activities and programs. The Fund also supports Body Talk, an educational program for schools in the United Kingdom and Canada. Dove also created global touring photography exhibit, beyond compare. Women photographers on beauty , showcasing diverse images of female beauty from 67 female photographers, and showing beauty beyond stereotypes. All these helped Dove in creating its brand loyalty.

Question6: What are different ways to measure the efficacy of an Online Campaign? What was the impact of CFRB on driving traffic to the website What are the measures to measure the success of a website? Ans: An Online Campaign is measured by-

1) How many people visited the site?
2) The hours of broadcast time it has.
3) How many visitors logged onto the site
4) How many visitors shared their thoughts and opinions?
5) How many likes and comments on a particular thought?
6) Sales increased by how much?

Impact was –
1) The Dove campaign received nearly four hours of broadcast time, including more than 10 minutes on The Today Show. On that day alone, more than 60,000 people visited the CFRB Web site. 2) The campaign also secured coverage from 62 national television programs, securing more than four hours of broadcast time. 3) The campaign received more than 1,000 placements in print, Web, television and radio, far exceeding expectations. 4) According to Dove, sales for the products featured in the ads increased 600 percent in the first two months of the campaign.

Question7: There are three types of benefits which a brand can communicate to its consumers –feature based benefits, functional based benefits& emotional benefits. How has CFRB differentiated itself in terms of communicating benefits to the consumer? How CRFB connected with its prospects & customer base? Ans: CFRB has focused on the emotional and functional benefit to the consumer, Dove did a holistic study or say analysis of the market and found that they need to work on the emotional quotient, fact to woo the customer they didn’t alter or worked on their product rather they worked on the emotional benefit factor. As they initiated the campaign which targeted on women of all shapes and sizes. They use the words “new” and “real” to evolve a feeling of freshness and help in persuading the public to buy the product. These words to great extent were able to catch a person’s attention as in this case , the women where shown wearing only underclothes which evoked a feeling of intimacy, self confidence and acceptance.

Many women used to relate themselves with the women shown on the billboard so was the great impact they had on them after seeing the advertisement. Functional benefit : it claimed not to dry out the skin the way soap did . Question8: What is the difference between Public Relation and Publicity? Identify public relation and publicity elements from the case study. What is Media Planning? Illustrate the Media Plan for CFRB. Ans: Difference between Public Relation and Publicity :

* Publicity is very different from PR. They’re related, but different in their execution, objectives and value to your brand and organization. Publicity is about getting coverage for organization. It’s about pushing your story, your agenda to the masses. It’s not necessarily a bad thing. . But publicity is mostly about me, not you. * Public Relations is the deliberate, planned and sustained effort to establish and maintain mutual understanding between on organization and its publics.” * Publicity can be positive or negative , but PR is always positive . * PR is in paid form but publicity is non-paid.

Public relation and publicity elements in the case study :
Panel discussions| Press coverage in national and local newspapers and journals.| Interviews| |
The Dove Self-Esteem fund| |
Programs for Aesthetics and Well-Being at Harvard University.| | Media planning: Media planning is generally the task of a media agency and entails finding the most appropriate media platforms for a client’s brand or product. The job of media planning involves several areas of expertise that the media planner uses to determine what the best combination of media is to achieve the given marketing campaign objectives. Media plan for CFRB :

i. Advertising
ii. Billboards
iii. TV Commercials
iv. Website
v. Panel discussion
vi. Interviews
vii. The Dove Self esteem Fund
viii. Programs

Question9: Discuss the role of market research in Advertising? How market research helped HUL in CFRB?

Ans: Market research comprises 2 fundamental components, primary and secondary research. Primary research is considered a very dynamic process because marketers are required to collect information, which should later lead professionals to identify consumers’ behavior and profile. Secondary research interprets data that has already been gathered such as statistics on demographic indicators or authorities’ financial reports. We can easily notice that primary research focuses on prediction, whereas, secondary research focuses on interpretation. Depending on the outcomes of market research, advertisers will be able to create proficient advertising concepts and to develop them in outstanding ad campaigns.

Dove wanted to understand how women define beauty; how satisfied they are with their beauty; how they feel about female beauty’s portrayal in society; and, how beauty affects their well-being.”With the help of market research Dove was able to answer all these questions . Publicity is very different from PR. They’re related, but different in their execution, objectives and value to your brand and organization. Publicity is about getting coverage for yourself. It’s about pushing your story, your agenda to the masses. It’s not necessarily a bad thing. Publicity for a political candidate is critical. For a new movie or TV show, important. But publicity is mostly about me, not you. The global study collected data from 3,200 women, aged 18 to 64. Interviews were conducted across ten countries: The study evolved out of a desire to talk to women around the world about female beauty. According to the study, “Dove knows that the relationship women have with beauty is complex:it can be powerful and inspiring, but elusive and frustrating as well.

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