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When we first see dr rank as quite laid back character and does not seen to care a lot about how other perceive him. We get quite a laid back vibe from him. He is quite unconcerned how others view him. He keeps himself very business like and keeps his attitude very professional a the start with torvald,not really paying great attention to others in the house, only associating himself with torvald. Rank tells Nora and Mrs. Linde, that Krogstad “suffers from a diseased moral character” The good doctor goes on to relate Krogstad’s history as a criminal and blackmailer. Rank tells Nora and Mrs. Linde, that Krogstad “suffers from a diseased moral character” .The good doctor goes on to relate Krogstad’s history as a criminal and blackmailer. I would perform this by having a real business like attitude with elements of a laid back , easy going attitude aswell.i would only make mere eye contact with some of the characters at the start, as this would provoke his feelings for Nora if a lot of eye contact was shared and would give it away too easy.

I would mostly associate myself with Torvald and people I know dr rank would feel comfortable with at the start of the play. Also at the start of the play we see he’s very caring for others. He always puts others feelings and thoughts before his own. When he tells Nora he is dying but tells her not to fret over him, just think about Torvald and the fact that he does not want him to see him at his worst. He comes across as a character that appears to have only short amounts of time on his hands and is constantly on the go.i would be quite frantic with my body language always pacing from one room to the other.

Anxiety I would say is a part of dr.rank, so I would show this by constantly fiddling with my hands, hair and not staying still, in a way constantly on the go.at the start dr drank likes to keep his business very professional and does not like to make a scene. he’s quite a subtle character at first and the audience do not perceive a lot from him. He makes it clear at the start that he is not vey found of krogstad and goes out of his way to make him appear a bad person. I would go around this by speaking in a very formal manner and with a calm and patient tone, as when we first see dr rank this is his attitude. Because he is a doctor again his mannerisms are very professional to start off with and everything he appeasers to be saying is serious and stern. He likes to question people a lot and make people realize life from a different perspective. you could possibly say at the start he’s quite a trouble causer.

Dr drank in his final appearance
His character as widely developed when we lastly see dr rank in this play. We see him loose focus on his profession and even though he’s meant to be a good friend of of both torvald and helmer,he declares his undying love to nora.i would perform this part by putting myself in an outer body experience. Because for a couple of minutes he forgets who he is by putting his actual self aside for Nora. We learn that he is quite cunning towards the end and his behavior changes when nora does not declare any form of love back to dr rank and explains to him why she does not really love her husband which infuriates him. He has changed his mood completely from business like and a laid back doctor, to a frantic, out of self-control person. Because he knows he’s dying and nobody knows that fact, its like he’s in his own bubble of security wanting someone to pop it but afraid of whom he could hurt.

We see that he likes to escape from a situation he knows is going to go wrong. His attitude has changed completely as at the start of the play he did not really seem to have much concern about himself and his well being, but hes had it bottled up so long that instead of telling people he turned into a coward quite the opposite of a doctor and ran away from fears and insecurities. i would perform it in a manner that I easily because irritated with my surroundings as the play went along and the more people mentioned death and illnesses and problems the more on edge I would be.he knows that he will never be completely Important to any of the characters in the play ,which begins to grow on him and he realizes this as the play progresses and because more and more agitated at the fact that his role as a doctor was just not enough for some characters.

Because he is nearing his death he turns into panic mode and feelings get the better of him.i would perform this in a desperate sort of way. Knowing that I am dying and I am trying to say everything I possibly can before my time ends. Even though his attitude and character has developed he still keeps elements of him the same with torvald.he is still quite blunt and straight to the point when he talks to torvald. Dr. Rank knocks on the door, annoying Torvald by calling so late. In front of Torvald, Nora and Dr. Rank speak in coded terms about the experiment that Dr. Rank was to do on himself; Dr. Rank says that the result is clear, and then exits.

Overall his character develops immensely from the start to the end of the play. At the start like I said he is very business like and straight to the point on words making small talk and is not a very open person. When he gets his one to one with nora it all floods as he feels as if she is the only one who will take consideration and listen.it backfires on him and this is why he can only go back to being himself like he was at the start of the play.

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