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Dr. Faustaus Essay Sample

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Introduction of TOPIC

Dr Faustus for me is beautiful yet sorrowful paly, as it uses eloquent language which is romantic, dramatic, and timeless, in the way it is written. The use of language I feel adds colourful layers to the characters which builds up a picture of this man and his companions and their lives. What makes Faustus a tragic figure or hero is that he ultimately brings on his own downfall By being skilled in medicine law and theology he thinks that he is above everyone else and He thinks that he is beyond flaws and worse still does not see the truth, or rather he cannot. I think the main feature of the language in this play is blank verse and prose, and I think this contributes to the paly in two ways. Firstly blank verse used in the main scenes and prose used in comic scenes Of course the use of soliloquies are used to perhaps greater extent to show the how much of a tragic figure he is, for instance when Faustus ids drawn to his inner thoug

hts and feelings about selling his soul to the devil, or when he is pondering what he wants his life

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about career to be like, and of course being born to lower class parents and wanting and needing to do better as he sees it by studying necromancy and magic rather than sticking to medicine law or religion.

We see Faustus in the play the battle between good and evil because he is capable of many good things he chooses evil especially when Mephistopheles says” Faustus this or what else thou shalt desire in the twinkling of an eye”. I think that because Marlowe made the character of Faustus very human this adds to the audiences perception of him being more of a tragic figure, and also because Marlowe has made him emotional he is unhappy in that doesn’t want to be condemned to hell and that he has been deprived of going to heaven.

The text here I think shows this when he says think’st thou that who saw the face of god, and tasted the eternal joys of heaven cannot tormented with ten thousand hells in being deprived of everlasting bliss ?. Also the lines “if we say we have no truth in us why then believe we must die an everlasting death. I feel that the audience has a connection to Faustus because you feel sorry for him, and as we have said Marlowe makes him human, so therefore has realistic features. Some may not feel sorry for him, but of course it’s impossible to like or sympathise with everyone. The writing and the language seems to put Faustus at some height, due to the way it is written which is a crucial aspect of the paly, making it one of the best renaissance plays I’ve listened to or written about and I feel it will be for some time to come in this lifetime.

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