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Dr. Stockman vs. the Prince vs. King Henry IV Essay Sample

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Dr. Stockman vs. the Prince vs. King Henry IV Essay Sample

In the first reading – Enemy of the People, Dr. Stockmann is the lead character. His character represents an unpractical idealist leader. He is not a good leader because he is not able to strategize and prepare because he is too blinded by his idealism. A good thing about his personality is that he believes in individual freedom and righteousness. He does not want to participate in any corrupt or unethical operation which will give him a big disadvantage with fighting against other powerful parties. To be powerful, a person must be smart and familiar to different ways. A person must be able to bend conditions and perspectivse. He will gain wisdom through it. Also, Dr. Stockmann is very impulsive. He does not think things through. As soon as he realized the public baths are infected with some kind of virus, he immediately lets this news be known to the mass.

He does not listen to any compromise and he does not convince others with his ideas and views. Instead, he does things rashly and demands for the water pipes to be improved. He is not practical and careful which will cause him his downfall. Dr Stockmann lets his emotions get in his way. He allows certain problems to influence his actions. Because he was jealous of his brother, the mayor, he wanted the Burgomaster to look like a fool. So once he found a mistake with the baths after the Burgomaster did not follow his instructions about building the pipes, he boasts and lets the people know about it. Although Dr. Stockmann has a lot of flaws, he has good qualities as well. He gives his principles the most importance. He does not accept bribes because he does not care much for money. He finds dishonesty repulsive. Lastly, he is willing to spend a lot of money as investment for his community’s morality and development.

King Henry IV is a hotheaded leader. He has a lot of pride and does not want to take orders from others. He is a great ruler; however, he neglects the importance of his chosen officials. He did not value the people he gave positions to or who helped him earn the crown. This is what led to a war against him started by his own people. His self-centeredness caused his people to rebel and fight him. A good leader must always keep the people close to him satisfied. He must always be on the good side of people to avoid treason and conspiracies made against him.

Everything to learn on being a great powerful leader is learned in The Prince by Machiavelli. Comparing these three characters on who was the most powerful makes an obvious answer. The Prince tells strategies that will help a ruler be on healthy ground. It is full of tips and example of other ruler’s who were able to follow and rulers who disregarded these tips. There are many smart and clever ideas found by The Prince which is why it is clear that The Prince is the best and most powerful out of the three. He has set down rules to follow when you are in a powerful position. These rules will help you throughout your reign to keep the throne and avoid losing in throne, losing in wars, starting wars, treason, or any downfall that may arise that will affect your country or people. The Prince became a guide and basis on who was a good leader and who was not. While reading King Henry IV, some passages from The Prince noted the bad actions and decisions done by King Henry IV. The Prince overpasses King Henry IV’s and Dr. Stockmann’s abilities and notions in leading a country and/or community.

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