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We chose to do our drama assignment on improvisation as we could make up lines whilst sticking to a certain theme when we were acting. The performance had a minimal script in the sense that it had certain scenes and events, but lines were not fully scripted. My character started off as a young child who was one of the best friends of the protagonist. Our first scene was where we

scene was where we were making a meal for all of our friends who came over at Molly’s birthday. We found a recipe book, which we chose a meal out of: Soup. Here, I showed how happy I was, being with my friends and making food. It soon burst into song as we were so happy! The song was about different types of soup and flavours. We were all happy and talkative until Lucy knocked over a vase that Molly received from her Grandma that recently passed away. Anger ensued and I tried to talk them away from anger since I felt awkward in the situation. Here, we saw the flaws that our friendships had.

Later in the performance, we soon saw Molly arguing with her parents and getting mixed in with the wrong types of friends. We based the performance on bullying so we showed her possibly suffering from depression. She was contemplating taking her life by overdosing on drugs due to her not being able to rely on friends or family alike. By talking about the script and the issues raised, we worked as a team and built up a script of events and showed how the play could affect the audience.

We used lighting to show emotion and pivotal points in the play, for example at the end we had a spotlight over each person when they spoke their thoughts about the situation, as if Molly was concentrating on each of them herself. The lighting made it easier for the audience to see people that were doing important parts in the scene, too, like in the Soup scene; the lighting was brighter on the people that were singing rather than people in the background.

The setting was mostly at characters houses, although the school was a setting once, too. We decided not to use desks as props as they would make the experience for the audience worse since it would take a long time for each person to bring on their desk. Instead we sat on the floor, which also helped Cameron (the teacher) look as though he had a higher status than the pupils, which was what we were hoping he would have!

We had the audience anonymously tell us their opinions on the play so we could discover more about how (or if) we affected them, if the acting was good and generally if they enjoyed it.

Most response slips seemed positive and we gathered that the character the audience enjoyed the most was Cameron as the teacher since he was funny, but demonstrated the cruelness that some teacher may use in class, too. Also, the audience was wholly Year 7’s for the first performance that we were assessed on, so we aimed the play at them. At the end, we left the play on a cliff hanger as we never saw if Molly took the pills or not, and we prompted the audience to ask themselves how they thought it should end.

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