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All persons have a dream of their own because it is our way to see and imagine what we want to happen in our future life. It can be our inspiration to do our best to achieve what we want to achieve. But we need also to persevere and be prepared to the challenges and difficulties that we are going to encounter. We have to be strong in all the

all the trials that we have to face so that we will be able to achieve all that we dream and what we wanted to be. But for now, I have a very positive plan and dream in my future career, which is to become a very successful person or business women in my own way. And my dream comes this way: after I graduate in Central Philippine University (CPU) I will easily get a job in the United States of America (USA). I will be going to United States and have a stable job in one of their biggest company. I will easily get promoted because of my hard work, dedication to the job and also because of the knowledge that I get from my schools and from my intelligent teachers who taught me everything that I have to know.

If I already have a big savings I will renovate our old house here in Iloilo and make it a new big beautiful house or it will become my dream house for my family. And if our house will finish rebuilding I am going to put a small business near our town plaza. I will buy jeepney also to be our business, and I will buy a big land to make it my own resort with a very big swimming pool for all the costumers to enjoy. And I will buy a brand new car for my father because he wants to have his own car. I will also have our parlor so that my mother and sisters will always be beautiful. My business does not end like this because I will think and build more businesses in the future for my family so that I don’t have to worry if something wrong might happen to me or if I may die.

One of my greatest dream or what I really want in the future is to have my own family before I die. I want to have a husband that is like my dream boy, we will be getting married in our resort around the big beautiful swimming pool. And we will be having two (2) beautiful children, a cute little boy and girl came from my own womb. And we will live happily ever after. When all this things will be came true, I will be the luckiest person ever. My life will be complete and very perfect. I will be very happy of what I achieve and I know that my family will be very proud of me. I will put to my mind that I can do these things with all of my strength and hard work. And I will also pray to God that he will guide me to the right path and right decisions so that all what I ask for will be came through.

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